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Keep children warm in winter, do not use too cold air conditioners in summer, clean the house regularly to limit the recurrence of pneumonia in children.

Ask: The North is entering the season of changing seasons, what should be paid attention to so that children do not have pneumonia again (Tieu Lien, Hanoi)


During the change of season, for children who already have pneumonia, in order to avoid recurrent pneumonia, parents should note: keep the body warm on cold days to avoid catching cold. If the baby is small, you can bring socks for the baby.

In hot weather, it is necessary to use the air conditioner, so the temperature should be suitable (not less than 25 degrees Celsius), can be combined with a nebulizer to create moisture in the air, helping the baby not to have dry throat and dry nose.

Mothers should not let children go out in the early morning or late at night so that the child does not get cold. When giving the baby a bath, avoid bathing for too long or when the baby sweats a lot, you need to change clothes immediately to avoid water seeping back into the lungs.

The family regularly cleans the house, dehumidifies on days with high humidity, there is no cigarette smoke in the house. Children need to clean the body and clean the nose and throat properly, not to let the nose, mouth and throat stagnate secretions.

Children with underlying diseases need to be monitored and treated early. If the child shows signs of cough or difficulty breathing, it is necessary to take him to the doctor soon, do not self-medicate without a doctor’s prescription.

Associate Professor, Doctor, Doctor Nguyen Thi Yen
Department of Pediatrics, Tam Anh General Hospital, Hanoi


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