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My father has high blood pressure, has a history of heart disease, is about to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. What should dad eat to stabilize blood sugar before injection, avoid blood clotting disorders? (Dieu Vy)

Reply: Usually, people with medical conditions like your father will use the drug regularly. Therefore, note in the days before the injection we must take the medicine regularly to maintain a stable state. Secondly, you should monitor your blood pressure regularly because sometimes the patient’s readings are still higher than normal despite taking medicine. In some cases, patients must take a higher dose of medicine to stabilize blood pressure and heart rate during the preparation period to ensure the pre-injection screening criteria.

Third, the patient needs to get enough sleep, at least a week before the injection. Older people often worry, leading to insomnia, increased blood pressure. Therefore, you should reassure your father to avoid the situation of not being injected due to high blood pressure due to fear.

The food rations should still be maintained as daily, even without additional nourishment. On the day of the injection, the patient should have a full breakfast before going. After the injection, the diet should also stay the same. In case of experiencing side effects such as vomiting, fever… your father just needs to eat softer foods, not necessarily having a special diet after the injection.

Doctor, Doctor Dao Thi Yen Phi
Professional advisor at Nutrition Clinics – Nutritional Medicine Nutrihome


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