What should be done to not be scrambled when sent via courier?

There are hundreds of licensed postal and delivery businesses in existence. There is no solution that absolutely does not guarantee the risk of the package being swapped “core”. But there are also ways to avoid ‘sending the iPhone to receive screws’.

Advice from a market manager

According to Mr. Nguyen Ky Minh, Deputy Chief of Office of the General Department of Market Control, at present, e-commerce websites or sales e-commerce floors are required to use forwarding and shipping channels, for later When the customer completes the order on the website / floor, there is a unit to help deliver the product to the customer. Due to the strong development of e-commerce in the past time, there have been many intermediate carriers participating in the Vietnamese market.

The sender needs to clearly and accurately declare the sent goods, especially high-value goods.

“In order to avoid the risk of being scrambled when sending via forwarders, transporters, protecting your interests, the first solution I recommend is that consumers and sellers must choose the unit. Transport is reputable, experienced, has insurance policies for products transported through the forwarding network ”, Mr. Minh shared with VietNamNet Newspaper’s reporter.

Usually, exchanging goods usually occurs when the seller – the shipper – the buyer is not allowed to check the product. Therefore, there is a need to limit liability between exchanges, sellers and carriers, and even buyers. The co-inspection policies should be very clear.

“Consumers must be aware of whether they are allowed to jointly check the goods before receiving or have the right to refuse to receive or return the goods or not. Consumers must also look to reputable sellers. Because the loss or exchange of goods not only happens to the intermediate carrier, but also some bad actors abuse the policies of the shipping, forwarding unit, mixing products improperly. initial commitment ”, Mr. Minh noted.

In addition, according to Mr. Minh, there are many solutions in the market for insurance, postpayment, guaranteed payment … Consumers should use these measures to protect themselves. Otherwise, they will have to rely on state management agencies to protect their legitimate interests.

In addition, the communication of postal businesses and e-commerce floors must be very clear and transparent for consumers to immediately access. Because the consumers’ habit of buying on the Internet is going to surf very quickly, if they do not arrange the communication method well, consumers will not be able to recognize.

Exchanges and shipping companies must clearly disclose information about whether or not the insurance policy is available. Otherwise, when there is a risk, it will affect the reputation of the exchanges and the sellers. The parties must cooperate with each other to make consumers feel most comfortable, choose good shipping businesses.

“When there are discounts and promotions, the number of orders increases strongly, it is easy to happen problems on delivery and delivery of e-commerce goods. It is very difficult to deal with the risk of losing goods or exchanging goods. For example, super sales such as 9/9, 11/11, 12/12, there are units that increase output from 1,000 orders to 3,000 even 10,000 orders, they can also create opportunities to take advantage of illegal work. for the bad guys, not just the courier, the forwarder, but sometimes the seller or the buyer. Risk prevention solutions must consider many dimensions, ”said Deputy Chief of Office of the General Department of Market Management.

Recommendation of an e-commerce specialist

Talking to VietNamNet Newspaper’s reporter, Mr. Nguyen Binh Minh, Member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM) frankly acknowledged: The phenomenon of goods scrambling when sending via postal service – delivery is not not available now, but rarely happened in the past and only happened to high-value goods.

“When the goods are scrambled, the victims themselves must complain to investigate and clarify where the mistakes are at the stage”, the expert from VECOM gave advice.

Mr. Minh also noted that when sending high-value goods, the sender must clearly declare the value of the goods, and request the shipping service provider to commit to ensuring the safety of items (in the context of trade. E-commerce is booming as today, shippers can buy insurance to ensure the safety of their packages). If they do not declare, until lost or exchanged, if it is said that the goods are of high value, no one will testify.

Large postal companies often clearly announce their co-inspection policies.

“According to the process of the courier business, high-value shipments will have to be sent for guarantee, the fee is higher than normal shipping services. But in fact, there are still many people making false declarations to save costs, until an incident occurs, it will be very difficult to protect their interests ”, VECOM’s experts reflect the current situation.

On the part of the postal and delivery businesses, when there are complaints from customers, it is necessary to conduct a clear investigation and reimburse the customer if the mistake is on the business side. “Even if the shipper has high value but does not declare the correct value, he / she can also reimburse them. The risk treatment system must be changed, especially for courier businesses. However, at present, many businesses do this stage very weak, they cannot strictly handle the wrongdoer ”, Mr. Minh said.

In fact, large postal companies have very strict procedures, but it is still difficult to control risks to each postman, courier when there are thousands, tens of thousands of employees on the network. dozen. If the goods exchange situation occurs many times but is not handled well, the postal and delivery business will lose credibility and business opportunities.

Internationally, foreign delivery firms do this very closely. In the work contract of the courier, the level of handling if a violation occurs, for example, deduction of wages, benefits, even criminal … Vietnamese delivery companies also Such tight commitments are needed.

Along with that, delivery businesses need to increase the application of technology. For example, when accepting the item, you can use a scanner to check the image to see if the product in the package is correct, when the recipient claims that the item is not as at the time of delivery, the image can be used. this is to check again.

Or apply technology to control the delivery route of staff such as attaching a GPS device on the last-mile delivery vehicle (with continuous workflow, it is difficult to swap goods – PV).

In addition, the risk of goods swapping can be prevented by measures such as applying bar codes, sealing, and marking the weight … If there is a phenomenon of scrambling, a series of parameters will be changed. With the development of current advanced technologies, solutions like the above can be easily implemented.

“It is the loose process of delivery businesses that is the gap to facilitate the shuffling problem. With a strict process, when there are complaints from customers, the courier business can confidently check and identify whose fault, thereby ensuring brand reputation for the business “, Mr. Nguyen Binh Minh share more.


Buy an iPhone to receive a stone: how can customers avoid it?

Buy an iPhone to receive a stone: how can customers avoid it?

If customers do not check the goods or save proof of violation, there will be no basis to complain when the product is swapped.


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