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Cooking porridge with perilla, onions, pumpkin, green beans, … is easy to eat, fragrant, delicious, nutritious, has a cooling effect, suitable for cough, fever, fatigue.

The weather changes in temperature with Covid-19 make many people cough, fever, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, cold infection worse, especially the elderly, children, people with low resistance. Herbalist Bui Dac Sang (Academy of Science and Technology) guides a number of dishes from porridge to increase resistance and relieve cold effectively.

Porridge of onions, perilla, eggs

Perilla porridge combined with our eggs and spring onions is a popular dish. Perilla leaves are warm, spicy and have the ability to treat coughs, colds, fevers, and increase resistance.

You prepare 100 g of rice; a chicken egg; a fresh ginger root; 5-10 g of dried onions; a handful of fresh perilla leaves; 3-5 branches of onions; pepper, spices…just enough.

Perilla leaves and scallions are washed and finely chopped, ginger is thinly sliced, onions are dried and chopped. Put the rice in the pot and cook until it’s cooked through. Then, you take the egg yolks into a bowl of hot porridge and beat them up. Finally, add the spices of perilla leaves, ginger, and spring onions to cook together, taste just enough.

Should eat porridge when it is still hot to sweat the body. Then use a soft towel to wipe the sweat to avoid the cold wind infecting the body.

Chicken soup

Chicken contains a lot of protein, amino acids to increase the body’s resistance, help fight inflammation. When you have a cold, cooking chicken porridge to eat will help the patient not have a sore throat, and the body will feel more comfortable.

Prepare 100 g of lean chicken; a handful of plain rice; cilantro, seasoning just enough. Wash the rice and cook it into a well-cooked porridge. Then bring the chicken washed, chopped and then lightly sauteed with spices. Finally, add the chicken to the porridge, mince a little cilantro and pepper in the bowl of porridge to help relieve the cold. Chicken porridge should be eaten while it is still hot.

Pumpkin porridge

Pumpkin contains a lot of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, helps to increase resistance, treat coughs, and clears phlegm.

Prepare 100 g of pumpkin; a handful of rice. Peel the pumpkin pieces, remove the seeds, wash them and cut them into thin pieces, put them in the cooking pot. Then wash a handful of glutinous rice and put it in the pot of cooking squash. Bring to a boil and add water until both the rice and squash are tender. It is recommended to use porridge when it is still hot to increase the effect of reducing colds for patients.

Green bean soup

Green beans contain a lot of protein and amino acids that are good for the stomach. Eat mung bean porridge to help activate lymphocytes to produce antibodies that are harmful to the body, helping to fight inflammation, reduce fever, and detoxify.

Prepare 1/3 can of green beans; a handful of rice. You should soak the green beans in water for about an hour before cooking, then put in the pot with the washed rice and cook until both the green beans and rice are cooked. Add enough seasoning to use. Should eat when porridge is still hot, actively eating green bean porridge within 2-3 days will reduce flu symptoms, reduce fever.

Case poor appetite, fatigue and a feeling of being full quickly, sick people should split meals during the day. For example, adults usually eat 3 meals a day, after recovering from Covid, they should divide 4-6 meals a day. When eating better, reduce the number of meals and increase the amount of food in each meal, with an increase in energy levels of about 400-500 kcal a day compared to before. The amount of protein provided to the body also needs to increase about 75-100 g a day.

Enhance the combination of nutritional rehabilitation with exercise and rehabilitation under the guidance of experts. Patients also need to get enough sleep, sleep more than usual, and try to go to bed on time. If there is an underlying medical condition, consult your doctor to combine the nutritional guidelines of the underlying medical condition with the current condition as best suited.

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