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What “La Croix” offers for Press Week at school

► During the School Press and Media Week, an event organized by the Education and Information Media Liaison Center (CLEMI), The cross will distribute newspapers to schools as it does every year: 40,000 copies of its daily newspaper dated March 10, La Croix L’Hebdo from March 5 to 12 and from La Croix Campus of the month of March which devotes its dossier to confidence in the media.

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Free access to the The cross will also be provided for teachers and establishments involved in the school press week.

► On the site of The cross, a file on media education brings together many resources on the media and behind the scenes of information, in the form of articles, podcasts (Behind the scenes on the backstage of investigations or reports) or videos (Media in the media treatment arena.

There are four videos, also available from the YouTube channel of The cross, made especially on the occasion of the 34e Kantar’s Media Confidence Barometer for The cross and School Press Week.

Arnaud Mercier, teacher at the French Press Institute, comments on the behavior of 18-24 year olds:

Estelle Cognacq, director of information at France Info, explains that the journalists of her radio never give information if it depends on a single source:

Adeline Francois, journalist at BFM TV and co-presenter of the channel’s morning show, explains the journalist’s job on a 24-hour news channel:

“A lesson in modesty” : return to the coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic over the Unes de The cross. How did the journalists experience this event, behind the scenes?

The cross also participates in the digital system organized by the Alliance for Media Education (APEM), an offshoot of the Generalist Information Press Alliance (APIG), which brings together 300 regional and national dailies. The principle: a two-hour program from 9 a.m. to noon, open to all schools (Monday for middle school students, Tuesday for primary school children, Thursday for high school students) on the LifeStorm platform, where different media present their titles and videos produced on the backstage of information (journalism from Tintin to Tik-Tok, the press conference, the making of a newspaper, the fight against fake-news…).

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This program will be followed each day by a one-hour meeting on Teams between representatives of the editorial staff of a daily newspaper and classes from their academies. In Ile-de-France, The cross and The Parisian will answer questions from Ile-de-France students.

The cross also launched, still in partnership with CLEMI, a challenge for high school students: to produce an infographic of their choice based on the detailed results of the Barometer of confidence in the media. The wishing classes will have access to the source data, to tools for producing an infographic, and will be able to propose their own graphic creation which will be shared and disseminated by the newspaper.

→ DEBATE. Can we trust journalists?

► Every week, Twitter users have fun discovering, from the cover visual, the subject that will be covered by La Croix L’Hebdo. The editorial staff provides the visuals for 2021, so that the classes can play the same game …

► Teachers can also ask the newspaper for interventions by journalists from The cross in front of classes by video or face to face.

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