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What is the Taliban saying after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan after 20 years?

Afghanistan Crisis: The Taliban have completely taken control of Kabul’s international airport following the complete withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. During this, some vehicles were seen moving near the only runway of Hamid Karzai International Airport in the northern military part of the airfield. Before dawn, heavily armed Taliban fighters approached the ‘hanger’ and saw seven ‘CH-46’ helicopters used in the evacuation operation by the US State Department taking off.

After this, the Taliban leaders symbolically walked the runway, celebrating their victory. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said, “The world has learned a lesson and it is a happy moment of victory.” Our country has faced a war and people have no more stamina left. Allah is great.”

What did the Taliban say about the government?

At the same time, a top Taliban official, Hekmatullah Wasik, told AP, “Afghan is finally free now.” The people and the army at the airport are with us and under our control. Hopefully we will announce our cabinet soon. Everything is peaceful and safe.”

The situation at the airport had been tense since the Taliban captured Kabul on August 15. An American ‘C-17’ military cargo plane crashed after hanging from the side of the plane, killing some people. At the same time, 13 members of the US force and at least 149 Afghans were killed in attacks outside the airport by Islamic State.

Taliban fighters opened fire in the air to celebrate the victory after US forces completely ended their military presence in Afghanistan after nearly 20 years late Monday.

Mohammad Islam, a Taliban security guard stationed at the airport from Logar province, appeared with a ‘Kalashnikov rifle’ in his hand. “After 20 years, we beat the Americans,” he said. It is clear what we need. We want Sharia (Islamic law), peace and harmony.

Mohammad Naeem, spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, also praised the Taliban’s taking control of the country in a video. He said, “Thank Allah that all those who occupied our country have gone back.” This victory has been given to us by Allah. We got this victory because of the sacrifice of 20 years of Mujahideen and its leaders. Many Mujahideen gave their lives for this.

At the same time, US Special Representative for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad tweeted, “Our war in Afghanistan is over. Our brave soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen rendered excellent service and made many sacrifices. We show respect and respect to them. With the evacuation of our army and our allies who stood by us, it is now time for the Afghans to decide. The future of his country is now in his hands. They will choose their path with complete sovereignty.

He said in another tweet, “Now is the time of testing for the Taliban. Can they lead their country to a secure and prosperous future where all their citizens, men and women, have the opportunity to progress? Will Afghanistan be able to bring to the world the strength and beauty of its diverse culture, history and traditions?

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