What is remarkable about the business report of the four US tech giants?

10/30/2020 10:08 GMT + 7

Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook have just released their third quarter business reports, all of which exceeded Wall Street’s expectations, maintaining strong growth despite Covid-19.

From left to right: Amazon CEO, Apple CEO, Facebook CEO and Alphabet CEO


Parent company Google recorded revenue of 46,173 billion USD, up nearly 14% over the same period in 2019. CEO Sundar Pichai called this a strong quarter, consistent with the picture online in general. Specifically, Google Search brought in the largest revenue with 26,338 billion USD. Revenue from the cloud and YouTube was $ 3.44 billion and $ 5.04 billion, respectively. Revenue from other products such as hardware, Google Play is 5.48 billion USD. The “other bets” division – which includes experimental projects like self-driving cars – continued to lose $ 1.1 billion on $ 178 million in revenue. As of September 2020, Google has 131,121 employees worldwide.


Facebook revenue increased 22% from a year ago, but the number of active users in the US and Canada decreased slightly compared to the second quarter due to a change in user behavior in Covid-19 translation. Positive business results show that the company is starting to recover after a period of downturn due to the disease. Specifically, in the third quarter, Facebook earned $ 21.47 billion, including $ 21,221 billion from advertising, net income $ 7.846 billion, profit margin 37%. Daily active users are 1.82 billion, monthly active users are 2.74 billion.


Apple also exceeded investor expectations thanks to its international sales. Currently, overseas accounts for 59% of company revenue. iPhone 12 with the ability to activate “super cycle” for Apple released later than every year should not be included in the third quarter report. Specifically, Apple revenue reached 64.7 billion USD, of which revenue from iPhone was 26.4 billion USD, revenue from services was 14.5 billion USD, revenue from wearables was 7.8 billion USD, net import 12,673 billion USD. “Apples with defects” are holding more than 38 billion dollars in cash.


Amazon continued to blow Wall Street’s forecast with $ 96.1 billion in revenue, up 37%. Revenue from Amazon Web Services reached $ 11.6 billion, up 29% over the same period in 2019. Net income reached $ 6.3 billion. CEO Jeff Bezos said that this year alone, Amazon created more than 400,000 new jobs with a minimum wage of $ 15 per hour. The company forecasts fourth-quarter revenue to range from $ 112 to $ 121 billion thanks to strong shopping demand during the holiday season.

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