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What is China’s move behind the coup in Myanmar? What will Beijing get from this?

In Myanmar, it was announced to impose an emergency for one year on Monday by detaining the supreme leader Aung San Suu. Many types of questions are arising after this coup. The question is arising as to why this happened and whether China is seeing any benefit for itself in this? What could be the trick behind this?

Chinese conspiracy behind the coup in Myanmar

Actually, China wanted to support Suu Kyi. China wanted to increase its stalled projects. China wanted to reach the area before Biden. China wanted to increase its occupation in the area. During the January 11 visit, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi promised Myanmar a corona vaccine. But the vaccine was not delivered on time. But the vaccine which reached India in Myanmar has also started. It shows the friendship of Myanmar with India. America has also increased its presence in this entire region. The US has deployed its warships in the Indo-Pacific Ocean region.

Upset china Senior General made pawn

China was upset with all these methods, so it prepared itself to support the army in Myanmar and whose pawn became senior general Min Aung Laing. Myanmar’s army chief … the person who now has the command of power and the responsibility of the country’s legislature administration and judiciary. There is also a working president to say, but at present, the commander-in-chief, Min Aung Laing, is with him.

China said – Myanmar’s neighbor friend

The world is criticizing, but China seems to be supporting General Min by stressing the constitution. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said – Myanmar is China’s neighbor friend. We are hoping that all parties in Myanmar will resolve their protests within the legal framework of the Constitution and maintain political and social stability.

China’s statement means that there should be no movement there and whatever decision is taken should be according to the constitution. Even though Myanmar has been ruled by the elected government of the people for the last 10 years, the control of power was never left by the army. The constitution there has given this power to the army… The government there can bring any law, but it is for the army to implement it.

Army has a lot of strength in Myanmar

In Myanmar, the military is controlled by the police, the armed forces and the administrative department. 25 percent seats in Parliament have been reserved for the army. The Army appoints the Minister of Defense, Home and Armed Affairs in the government. The army chief has the right to veto any constitutional changes. The army also owns 2 big companies of the country.

That is, the elected government of the country had limited powers or simply had the power to show. The representatives of the army could not make any change in the constitution without the will of the army. But the increasing popularity of Aung San Suu Kyi among the masses was troubling the military officers and also China. Therefore, despite the opposition of the world, Myanmar took the risk of coup. Now there is talk of banning Myanmar, then another fear has arisen.

Biden says ban in Myanmar

US President Joe Biden said, “The US lifted the sanctions because of the establishment of democracy in Myanmar …. Now we will review it immediately in the changed situation due to the coup and action will be taken after that.” One of the big questions before the Biden administration is the question of military relations with China. Not just in the last four years, not just in the era of Trump, but in 10-15 years China is competing with America for influence and power in Southeast Asia.

At the same time, Japan’s defense experts have advised that the world should not close the diplomatic channel with Myanmar’s army or else Myanmar will be completely trapped in China’s Shinkze. That is, the world also understood that the coup is Myanmar but the trick is that of China.

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