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What is China afraid of because of US sanctions on Russia?

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. The friendship between China and Russia is also not hidden from anyone. China’s inclination towards Russia is increasing. Amidst the war, China wants to avoid US sanctions. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China is not in favor of the crisis nor does it want China to be affected by US sanctions. Wang said in a phone call on Monday with Spanish counterpart Jose Manuel Albares to discuss the war in Ukraine that China has the right to defend its legitimate rights and interests. There is growing concern among investors that Chinese companies will face US sanctions. US officials said that Russia had requested military and financial assistance from China.

China wants to avoid sanctions

The US warned European allies that Russia had asked China for armed drones in late February as it launched an invasion of Ukraine. China on Monday rejected preliminary reports, while Russia denied that it had sought help from Beijing. Russia said it had enough resources to win the war. Neither side has yet responded to reports on armed drones, which China has sold to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.

America has warned China many times

In the midst of the war, US officials have warned China several times to help Russia evade sanctions. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said last week that there was no evidence that any Chinese companies were planning to help Moscow with the US sanctions. Let us tell you that China has long opposed the unilateral sanctions imposed outside the United Nations. China continues to maintain normal trade relations with Russia. China has always opposed the use of sanctions to solve problems.

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