“What if James Bond was a woman”? Élisabeth Moreno launches reflection

As part of an evening devoted to “the image of women in the visual arts”, the Minister responsible for Equality between women and men will discuss the issue with Agnès Jaoui, Énora Malagré and Barbara Pravi.

This question has tormented studios and fans for a good ten years: what if James Bond was a woman? After igniting social networks and talk shows, the government is seizing on this subject by sending Élisabeth Moreno, the Minister for Equality between Women and Men, to debate the feminization of 007 during a dedicated debate to “the image of women in the visual arts”, organized on November 22 at Studio Raspail in Paris. The politician will debate with actress Agnès Jaoui, host Énora Malagré and singer Barbara Pravi.

Will the leaders of the debate on November 22 remember that in the mind of novelist Ian Fleming, his hero, secret agent James Bond, was an avid drinker of champagne and other cocktails, a compulsive smoker and an irrepressible womanizer? ? And that only strong-tempered women like Honey Ryder in Doctor No (Ursula Andress) or Major Anya Amasova in The spy who loved me (Barbara Bach) will still have been able to resist the best spy of her gracious majesty during the first film adaptations. Not sure.

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Aware of this problem “existential», Cary Joji Fukunaga the director of To die can wait, has already entrusted the famous number 007, abandoned by a too weary James and withdrawn from the world and business in his Jamaican haven, to the British actress Lashana Lynch. This spy, as competent as she is courageous, has a priori all the qualities required to please followers of gender theory and deconstruction: she is dynamic, of Jamaican origin, reluctant to wear petticoats, as strong as a boy and of course incorruptible. Can these qualities appeal to Élisabeth Moreno and her discerning debaters? Answer on November 22.


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