What equipment does iPhone Flip need to beat Galaxy Z Flip 3?

If the iPhone Flip wants to take the top spot in the folding smartphone market, it needs improvements to overcome the ‘reputable’ rival Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Fold design

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a smartphone with a highly appreciated design on the market today, but the crease in the middle of its screen is much more “exposed” than competitors’ products of the same type. So, if Apple wants to get ahead of Samsung in the folding phone segment, the iPhone Flip’s folds need to be designed to be almost “invisible”.

What iPhone Flip needs to beat Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Rear camera

When smartphones are equipped with multiple rear cameras, they offer versatility when it comes to photography since different lenses are used each time. For example, the iPhone 13 Pro integrates a triple camera cluster including super wide, main and telephoto for a variety of zoom options. If the iPhone Flip has a three-camera cluster like the iPhone 13 Pro, it will beat the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which has only two cameras.

Secondary screen

Folding phones with clamshell designs usually include a main screen inside and a small outer screen to view messages or notifications, control music playback and monitor battery capacity.

However, the secondary screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 has not been appreciated. Users still have to open the phone to check notifications or switch songs while playing music. Samsung needed to design this external display larger to be able to add more complex functions or take full advantage of the conveniences. This is a point that Apple should refer to.

Extend battery life

According to reviews, Galaxy Z Flip 3 has an impressive battery life, users still have to charge multiple lanes during the day. This is due to the small body design, so there is not much space to install a large battery.

In recent years, Apple has improved the optimization of its software so that even when phones have smaller batteries, they still have long-lasting battery life. If this is applied with the iPhone Flip, we could see a mobile device that can be used all day, which will help Apple score points with users compared to Samsung.

Extra function when folded

Some clamshell folding phones have special modes or tools that work when the device is folded in half. However, this flexibility is often quite limited, mainly focusing on uses for the front and rear cameras. If Apple comes up with more useful features that can be used even when the phone is folded, that will be an advantage.

Compatibility with MagSafe

MagSafe is Apple’s magnetic technology for smartphones, developed to support wireless charging. Apple also released leather cases and wallets that integrate this feature. Besides Realme, no other company has introduced similar products for its devices.

Rumors suggest that Apple is building its ecosystem of magnetic products. If iPhone Flip is equipped with MagSafe, users can apply all the features it brings to other technology. For example, charging stands that use MagSafe because the iPhone Flip will likely be quite light, or magnetic that helps attach accessories to the back of the phone.

Unless Samsung creates a competitor with MagSafe, which probably isn’t happening anytime soon, this will be a useful extra feature that gives the iPhone Flip an edge.

Huong Dung (According to Tech Radar)

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