What does the community F0 care team do?

Ho Chi Minh CityThe community F0 care team will advise and meet the mental care needs of F0 who are isolated at home.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huynh Mai, Chief of Office of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health, at a press conference providing information on the prevention of Covid-19, on the afternoon of September 23 said that F0 care teams in the community will not change. This is an enhanced move by the Department of Health in its mission of providing comprehensive care for the F0 group who are in isolation and treatment. at home.

This group, with its structure, has secretaries and deputy secretaries of wards, communes and townships as its leader; Team members are associations and unions such as women and young people who will often call to take care of, or meet the spiritual needs of F0 who are being treated at home. At the same time, the team promoted the role of local authorities in the care of F0.

According to Ms. Mai, in the past time, to manage and treat F0 in the community, the city has had many policies, including free distribution of A, B, C medicine bags; mental care program via call center 1022, branch 3; network of “Companion Physicians” with more than 1,500 doctors as consultants. In particular, the city is the earliest locality in the country to have simultaneously established more than 500 mobile medical stations, with over 2,000 military medical soldiers coming to support. These are the people who visit the patients directly.

Since then, F0 at home will receive comprehensive care, the best support to recover from Covid-19 as quickly as possible, and achieve the goal of minimizing mortality.

The management and treatment of F0 at home is a great and right policy in the new situation of Covid-19 treatment in the city. This model is highly appreciated by the Ministry of Health. In the near future, Ho Chi Minh City will summarize the results of this model, the Chief of Office of the Department of Health informed.

Medical staff in Ward 3, District 8 visit, measure capillary blood oxygen levels (SpO2), give medicine to Covid-19 patients who are being treated at home. Photo: Quynh Tran

On September 21, the Department of Health sent a document to 22 districts and Thu Duc city, guiding the establishment of a team to take care of people infected with Covid-19 in the community. Accordingly, each team manages, monitors and supports treatment of 10-20 F0 at home, in addition, the team also has the task of testing in the community, supporting vaccination against Covid-19 and providing chronic medicine. for the citizen…

Based on the number F0, each locality will set up the corresponding number of groups. Each group has at least three people. The group leader is the secretary of the cell, the leader of the residential group or the head of the management board of the building or apartment complex. The deputy leader is a medical staff. A member is a person living in a residential group. Participants need to be vaccinated with two full doses of Covid-19 vaccine, except for F0 who have recovered from the disease.

The care team has its own phone number and is available 24/7 to ensure connection with F0 at home, equipped with thermometers, blood pressure monitors, SpO2 meters, oxygen tanks/oxygen bags, oxygen breathing apparatus, testing equipment, personal protective equipment…

As of the evening of September 23, the city recorded a total of 358,707 cases of Covid-19. According to the statistics of the Center for Disease Control of Ho Chi Minh City (HCDC), by the end of September 21, there were 35,489 F0 being isolated and treated at home; 23,467 F0 is in isolation at concentrated isolation facilities; The number of cases being treated at the second and third floor hospitals is 40,970.

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With the goal of reducing the rate of Covid-19 patients who become seriously ill when treated at home, the Hope Foundation launched the “F0 medicine bag” program. Each donation of 380,000 VND corresponds to one medicine bag. Readers can see details here.


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