What does Facebook “calculate” when appointing a new CTO?

Facebook’s appointment of a new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) reveals a change in the social networking giant’s technology priorities, with a greater focus on hardware…

Facebook has officially appointed Andrew Bosworth, head of the hardware division to the position of chief technology officer, as his predecessor Mike Schroepfer will leave the company after a total of 13 years.

Focus on the hardware segment

In his new role, Mr. Bosworth will continue to lead the hardware team – Facebook Reality Labs, while also taking on responsibility for Facebook’s broader software engineering organization and artificial intelligence efforts. of the firm. The new CTO will report directly to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has a strong interest in developing augmented reality (AR) products.

Andrew Bosworth has just been appointed to the position of chief technology officer of Facebook

In the field of selling consumer hardware products, Facebook is still a “newcomer”. This social network giant is also facing great skepticism from potential customers due to a series of privacy scandals.

Facebook has even dramatically ramped up its hardware efforts in recent years under the supervision of Mr. Bosworth (commonly known as Boz at Facebook). Reality Labs now has over 10,000 employees.

“As our next CTO, Boz will continue to lead Facebook Reality Labs and oversee work in augmented reality, virtual reality, and more… “This is the foundation for our broader efforts to help build the digital universe under Boz’s leadership,” CEO Zuckerberg said in a statement.

Schroepfer, who has served as CTO at Facebook since 2013, said in the Facebook statement that it plans to stay “deeply connected with the company, working on key initiatives including hiring and develop technical talent”. His resignation next year will allow Schroepfer “to spend more time with his family and personal philanthropic endeavors”. The transfer of the position will be completed in 2022.

Future plans

Facebook’s current hardware products include the Oculus Quest VR headset, the Portal line of video chat devices, and the new camera-equipped smart glasses in partnership with Ray-Ban.

In addition, Facebook is also developing glasses that use augmented reality technology, which Zuckerberg thinks will one day be as popular as mobile phones. A smartwatch with a detachable screen and two cameras will also be produced next year.

Joining the company more than 15 years ago, Bosworth is one of Facebook’s longest-serving leaders. Before running Reality Labs, he ran the advertising department and worked on early versions of key Facebook features like News Feed or Messenger.

Facebook also seems to have high hopes that the CTO can help solve the problems the company is currently facing. A series of reports by The Wall Street Journal recently pointed to the major problems that exist in the Facebook ecosystem. Accordingly, the technology giant is facing a lack of content moderators for markets outside the US or a flood of anti-vaccine misinformation in user comments as well as news reports. negative impact of Instagram on the mental health of adolescents.

Some reports say that Facebook employees and executives are aware of these issues but have not been able to fix them. Meanwhile, lawmakers have pledged to question Facebook executives and leaders of other big tech companies about the social network’s influence on teenagers.

Since joining Facebook in 2006, Mr. Bosworth has earned a reputation for helping Zuckerberg fix problems. Not only was he involved in the development of key products and around key divisions including hardware and advertising, he was also known for being outspoken with his colleagues and subordinates.

Facebook’s newly appointed CTO regularly posts his thoughts on technology, leadership, and personal growth in newsletters and internally and on his public blog. Bosworth has also drawn attention with controversial internal memos in the past, including one from 2016 that appeared to hint at Facebook’s growth ambitions at all costs.

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Facebook CTO resigns

Facebook CTO resigns

On September 22, longtime Facebook CEO Mike Schroepfer said he would step down as chief technology officer (CTO) of the company.


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