What does Axie Infinity CEO Nguyen Thanh Trung say about closing the “play to earn” version?

Axie Infinity CEO – Nguyen Thanh Trung said the company has not announced that the “play to earn” version will stop working.

In the past few days, many domestic and international news sites have published information about the fact that Sky Mavis – the management company of Axie Infinity has announced that it will focus all its efforts on developing a free-to-play version of the game. origin name.

Specifically, this source said that Mavis will close the Axie Infinity Classic version (also known as Axie Infinity V2) after the 21st season of the game, which ended on June 24.

This information has made many gamers of the game Axie Infinity feel bewildered. This also comes in the context of Axie Infinity’s declining player base in the past few months, when the excitement of players has waned due to the decline in the crypto market.

When PV VietNamNet questioned what would happen when the Axie Infinity Classic version stopped working, founder Nguyen Thanh Trung of Sky Mavis – the company that developed the game Axie Infinity said, Sky Mavis has only just announced the announcement. believe Season 21 is the final season of Axie Infinity Classic.

“We will announce it later when we have clear information, but for now the Classic version is still working,” CEO Axie Infinity shared.

Axie Infinity CEO – Nguyen Thanh Trung said that the Axie Infinity Classic version is still active.

With Nguyen Thanh Trung’s affirmation, it can be seen that contrary to the worries of many players, the information about Axie Infinity closing the Axie Infinity Classic version is not really clear.

Even in the case of closing the Axie Infinity Classic version, this does not mean that Axie Infinity will no longer be a “play to earn” game.

In the latest move, Axie Infinity has just allowed Axie Infinity players to deposit and withdraw money from their game accounts by reopening the Ronin Bridge. This bridge has been temporarily closed since March, right after the biggest hack in DeFi history with a value of 625 million USD. This startup also said that it will refund the money that users have lost.

Previously, in early June, Axie Infinity announced a series of new games to join the ecosystem of this startup. This is a product of the Builders Program – a program that invites the community and other game makers to participate in expanding the Axie Infinity ecosystem through the development of new games.

At the Builders Program, Axie Infinity will sponsor at least 10,000 USD in the form of AXS tokens for selected projects to develop ideas. In return, they will have to build a revenue sharing model with Axie Infinity once the game goes live.

The game Axie Infinity has seen a sharp decline in player numbers in recent months.

According to Axie Infinity, a total of 12 titles have received their investment for development. Each of these games has a different gameplay. The common point is that the characters in the game all use NFT Axie previously released by Axie Infinity.

In other words, Axie Infinity gamers can use their NFT characters to participate in newly developed games. This can be seen as a milestone marking the new development of Axie Infinity when gradually becoming an ecosystem instead of just a simple game.

In an interview with VietNamNet last year, Nguyen Thanh Trung – Founder of Sky Mavis studio and CEO of Axie Infinity also hinted about the above plan.

At that time, although he did not share details, Nguyen Thanh Trung said his idea was to turn NFT Axies into tickets to the game world. Players will use the NFT Axies they have available to turn them into characters to participate in other titles.

It can be seen that the recent move has concretized the long-cherished idea of ​​the founder of Sky Mavis – the famous game development studio Axie Infinity.

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