What do people from Hai Duong to Hanoi need to do?

The Hanoi Department of Health requires people from Hai Duong to return to Hanoi from 0:00 on March 3 to make a medical report, and those who return from medical quarantine outbreaks at home 14 days.

According to the Department of Health, in addition to proactively reporting to the local Covid-19 Steering Committee, people in Hai Duong who return to Hanoi from 0:00 on March 3 must install Bluezone and Ncovi applications. If Covid-19 symptoms are detected, they should promptly inform the nearest medical facility.

People returning from 4 localities in Hai Duong including Hai Duong city, Kinh Mon town, Kim Thanh district and Cam Giang, in addition to the above measures, must be isolated from their home health, the time since leaving Hai. Duong until the full 14 days. If the RT-PCR test result is negative for nCoV within 3 days before leaving Hai Duong, you can return to work and study.

At 0:00 on March 3, Hai Duong ended social isolation and changed to a new normal state. 949 checkpoints in Hai Duong (29 provincial posts, 108 district posts and 812 commune posts) have been removed. There are only a handful of posts left in the area blocked by new infections.

The total number of community infections over the past month was 868, recorded in 13 provinces, of which Hai Duong was 684. Chi Linh City recorded the most cases with 383, two districts Gia Loc and Thanh Mien recorded only one case. The whole province still has 387 patients being treated in medical facilities and 2,800 isolated concentrated.

Medical staff sampled in Hanoi. Image: Giang Huy.

Thuy Quynh