What do Amazon drivers have to trade for fast delivery?

Amazon’s speed of delivery satisfied many customers and helped them grow into one of the largest companies in the world. However, it has many trade-offs.

Little known “nightmare”

“God please don’t let me die here,” is the prayer of Amazon delivery man Tim Ball every time he walks into a “wild” home in rural Texas, who says he always feels scared. Scared of having to deliver at night.

Current and former drivers like Ball, say nighttime deliveries are particularly difficult. Ball said that twice a customer pointed a gun at him when he approached their home to deliver a package on Amazon.

A fleet of Amazon vehicles. (Photo: CNN)

Amazon has more than 3,000 delivery service partners (DSPs) with approximately 250,000 drivers. DSP rents trucks from Amazon and pays the driver when the goods are delivered. The regions where DSP drivers deliver are inconsistent, so it’s difficult to know a particular location well. There are places where residents live, which can be dangerous for delivery people, or drivers who are not familiar with the road, can get stuck in the rutted dirt road.

DSP owners told CNN Business that Amazon isn’t the only company that ships at night, but because Amazon wants packages to get to buyers as quickly as possible, shippers are often out late. much more than its competitors. Amazon says deliveries take place between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., a longer period than the two major carriers FedEx (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) and UPS (9 a.m. until 7 p.m.).

Nighttime delivery isn’t the only nightmare for Amazon shippers. James Meyers quit his job after a year of delivering for Amazon citing excessive workload and poor working conditions. Meyers said 14-hour shifts are common, with him even having to pee in a plastic bottle to keep up with deliveries.

“Whenever the truck veers off course or stops for more than three minutes, the on-board system alerts the delivery company. I often get calls from the dispatcher every time I stop to go to the bathroom. Having to take calls from them made me pause longer,” Meyers shared.

Randy Korgan, Amazon project manager for Teamster Labor Union, said that Amazon’s drivers’ wages, which start at $15 an hour, are much lower than the average salary of the company’s drivers. For example, UPS drivers are paid $21/hour, sometimes up to $40.

What did the trillion-dollar giant say?

Amazon says drivers can refuse to deliver if they feel unsafe, but delivery drivers say they feel pressured because if they don’t complete their route, they will receive criticism from Amazon employees. or from a colleague.

Amazon spokeswoman Maria Boschetti says night-time delivery is an industry-specific practice. The company is committed to driver safety and continues to invest in new modern technologies so that DSPs have the tools they need to drive safely.

Amazon has taken other measures, such as allowing customers to see personal information including the name and photo of the shipper when the goods arrive. Amazon also equips vehicles with cameras to provide drivers with real-time alerts to help stay safe.

An Amazon spokesperson claims drivers have built-in breaks on routes and provide a list of nearby restrooms in the delivery app.

Huong Dung (According to CNN, The Guardian)

Supply chain chaos, Amazon buys a whole fleet of ships and containers to ship goods

Supply chain chaos, Amazon buys a whole fleet of ships and containers to ship goods

In the context of global supply chain turmoil, to ensure the transportation of goods, Amazon has invested a huge amount of money to buy its own fleet of ships and containers.


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