What day to have sex to prevent pregnancy?

My girlfriend is 25 years old, her menstrual cycle is 32 days. So what day do we need to have sex to prevent pregnancy? (Hai, Hanoi).



There are many widely used methods of contraception such as condoms, vaginal ejaculation, birth control pills, safe days, etc. In which, safe days are chosen by many couples. Simple, easy to apply and no medical intervention on the body.

A woman’s normal menstrual cycle is usually between 28 and 32 days and goes through several phases: menstruation, follicular development, ovulation, and the luteal phase. The date of the start of your period will be counted as the date of the start of a new menstrual cycle. Normally, the peak of ovulation will begin about 14 days before the next menstrual period, intercourse before the time of ovulation and the time of ovulation will give the highest chance of conception. Therefore, to avoid pregnancy according to the safe day calculation method, we need to determine the expected time of ovulation and calculate the fertile period and the safe time to have intercourse.

In the case of your girlfriend, the menstrual cycle is 32 days, the expected day of ovulation will fall around the 16th to 18th day of the menstrual cycle, then we will add and subtract about 5 days to calculate the fertile period. At most, in this case it will be between day 11 and 21 of the menstrual cycle. So the period of safe contraceptive intercourse between the two of you will be before the 11th day of the cycle or after the 21st day of the cycle.

The method of contraception by calculating safe days is quite simple and easy to apply, but it also has some disadvantages such as: only applied to subjects with regular menstrual periods, does not help to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, etc. .. However, recently, with some new theories about the menstrual cycle as well as the follicular cycle, it shows that the follicle can develop and ovulate at any time in the menstrual cycle, the calculation method Safe days for contraception are the least safe. In addition, measures such as using condoms, placing IUDs, and implanting contraceptives are also effective in preventing pregnancy for couples.

With some of the above information, the doctor hopes that the two of you can choose the method that is right for you!

Doctor Nguyen Thanh Trung examines and advises patients. Image: ID.

Doctor Nguyen Thanh Trung
Hanoi Hospital of Andrology and Infertility


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