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People who are sedentary or play sports too much are prone to musculoskeletal diseases.

At what age are women most susceptible to musculoskeletal disorders? I’m 24 years old this year, just gave birth to a baby 18 months old, lately my knee and ankle joints are rattling. Is it a bone disease? (Kim Anh, HCMC)


In case you are 24 years old and have just given birth, the problems you describe are not a major bone and joint problem, but the above condition is a sign that your bone health has problems.

Specifically, this is a case of osteoarthritis, dry joint fluid. You should supplement calcium, vitamin D as soon as possible. To be safe, you should see a doctor to re-evaluate whether BMI is at a reasonable level, including bone density assessment and tests to see what micronutrients are lacking. Immediately supplement calcium and vitamin D, supplement nutrients to restore joint fluid in foods such as okra, partially support bones and joints.

Usually women around the age of 40 onwards, especially women in perimenopause age often start to have musculoskeletal problems. However, there are some subjects that also need more attention such as young people who do not have a daily exercise routine. People who play sports too much, do not practice properly, do not warm up before exercise or relax after exercise are also easy to cause joint pain. Common musculoskeletal diseases are pain in the shoulder, wrist, knee, back, and cervical spine.

These conditions range from mild to severe. Initially, the patient only had mild pain, then the condition became more severe, limiting movement and gradually losing living and walking functions. Musculoskeletal diseases, if detected early and properly treated, can be prevented well. To limit the disease, each person needs to be active, exercise scientifically and have a reasonable diet.

MSc. Nguyen Thuy Song Ha
Professional Director of Medicine – Sports at Nutrihome


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