Werewolf, Zoom and demonic yoga classes … the Gérardmer festival competition unveiled

From January 27 to 31, the 28th edition of the Vosges fantastic film festival will take place entirely in digital. Its organizers have just presented the program with a strong horrific tendency, enough to pass the curfew hidden under its sheets.

Presidents of the jury of the next international fantastic film festival in Gérardmer, actor Pio Marmaï (for short films) and director Bertrand Bonello (for feature films) will have a lot to do to decide between this 2021 vintage. – eighth edition, the organizers of the event have just unveiled the eleven competition films to win the Grand Prix. Victim, one more, of the coronavirus, the festival will take place entirely online, from January 27 to 31.

In the official competition part, as heterogeneous as usual, we first find Possessor, thriller against a backdrop of body swap directed by Brandon Cronenberg, apparently agitated by the same obsessions as his illustrious father.

France is not left with Teddy, a rather picturesque werewolf film signed by the duo Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma and Anonymous Animals by Baptiste Rouvreux. In this period punctuated by confinements, Host, by Rob Savage, and his sessions of spiritualism by interposed screens should give the spectators some cold sweats.

The Cursed Lesson, from South Koreans Kim Ji-han and Juhn Jai-hong, is also to be watched, as well as Boys From County Hell British director Chris Baugh.

Tickets to attend the event from their computer are available on the festival site. A 50 euro pass is offered to access all of the selected films, otherwise you will have to pay 5 euros per screening.


Anything for Jackson by Justin Dyck (Canada)
Boys From County Hell by Chris Baugh (UK & Ireland)
Host by Rob Savage (United Kingdom)
Moquisto State by Filip Jan Rymsza (Poland & United States)
Possessor by Brandon Cronenberg (Canada & United Kingdom)
Sleep by Michael Venus (Germany)
Sweet river by Justin McMillan (Australia)
Teddy by Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma (France)
The Cursed Lesson by Kim Ji-han and Juhn Jai-hong (South Korea)
The Other Side by Tord Danielsson and Oskar Mellander (Sweden)
The Stylist by Jill Gevargizian (United States)

Out of competition

Achive by Gavin Rothery (United Kingdom)
Beauty Water by Cho Kyung-hun (South Korea)
Butcher Adrian Langley (Canada)
Come True by Anthony Scott Burns (Canada)
Ghosts of war by Eric Bress (United Kingdom)
Impetigore by Joko Anwar (Indonesia, United States & South Korea)
Anonymous Animals by Baptiste Rouveure (France)
Sputnik Egor Abramenko (Russia)
Superdeep by Arseniy Sukhin (Russia)
The Dark & ​​the Wicked by Bryan Bertino (United States)
The Mortuary Collection by Ryan Spindell (United States)

The Shifted Night

Cyst by Tyler Russel (United States)
Psycho Goreman by Steven Kostanski (Canada)
Slaxx by Elza Kephart (Canada)


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