Website benefits after Mr. Trump blocked Twitter

Social network Gab said it attracted 10,000 members per hour after Mr. Trump was permanently banned from Twitter accounts.

In Gab’s statement Jan. 9, the service has more than 10,000 new members signing up every hour. Gab’s user base spiked after Trump was permanently blocked by Twitter, and Parler – a social network for the far right – was removed from the Apple and Google app stores.

Gab is also Social Network for the far right, founded in 2016 by Andrew Torba with a policy of promoting freedom of speech.

Far away, Gab attracts people to use him 1

Gab is a social network loved by the far right. Screenshots.

Gab’s way of working is quite similar to Twitter. Popular posts are shown priority in feed, news aggregation, and user interaction.

In October 2018, Vox indicates that Gab has about 465,000-800,000 users. In July 2020, Fox Business Statistics of the number of accounts on Gab as of April of the same year is 1.1 million, and 3.7 million monthly visits in the world.

After the Capitol was attacked by Trump supporters on January 6 (US time), Torba says Gab traffic is up 40%. By 9/1, Gab announced to attract more than 10,000 new members every hour, with about 12 million hits in the last 12 hours.

In 2017, Gab was removed from the Play Store for violating a hate speech policy, and was refused release on the App Store for the same reason. In 2018, Gab was revealed by a domain name provider, Go Daddy, that the gunman accused of killing 11 Pittsburgh parishioners was an active member of the site.

The fact that President Trump was blocked by Twitter also caused his supporters to flock to Parler, a social network with a comfortable policy with the far right.

Come on, Gab attracts people to use him 2

Mr. Trump was blocked by many social networks after the riots at the Capitol on January 6. Photo: Shutterstock.

However, Apple and Google announced that they would remove Parler from the app store due to a policy violation. During the riot, many accounts shared on Parler the way to avoid the police, the best tool for breaking the door lock, sending the gunshot towards the Capitol.

“We still find direct threats of violence, or calls for illegal conduct. These are not enough to cope with an explosion of dangerous, objectionable content online. this society”, Bloomberg quoting Apple’s response to Parler’s announcement. The app can still roll back to iOS if it’s proven capable of filtering dangerous content.

However, the biggest blow to Parler could come from Amazon, which said it would stop providing server services to Parler, forcing the social network to find another provider or suffer inaccessibility.

According to the Zing / Business Insider

After Mr. Trump, Twitter deleted many accounts supporting the former US president

These accounts all support the QAnon conspiracy movement.


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