Wealth of top 25 hedge funds jumps 19% to $ 220 billion

Posted on Oct 5, 2021 4:25 PMUpdated Oct 5, 2021, 4:37 PM

The world’s biggest fortunes were the first to benefit from the rebound in growth and the US Federal Reserve’s largesse. This year, the wealth of the top 25 hedge fund managers jumped 19% ($ 35 billion) to $ 220 billion, according to the annual ranking of Forbes magazine. This increase is half that of the fortune of the richest 400 Americans (all sectors of activity combined), whose fortune soared 40% to 4.5 trillion dollars.

With the exception of John Paulson (20th), all the great historic founders of hedge funds have seen their fortunes increase or remain stable. Most of the assets of hedge fund managers are made up of their investments in their own funds. Forbes adds real estate, which exceeds one billion dollars for Ken Griffin, the boss of Citadel (4th), and the collections of works of art. They also exceed this billion dollar mark for Steve Cohen (5th), the founder of Point 72.

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