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“We will increase their remuneration if…”: Emmanuel Macron wants to pay teachers on merit

It’s give and take. Addressing the theme of education during the presentation of his program, Thursday, March 17, Emmanuel Macron proposed a “pact” teachers: pay them better, provided that they perform new tasks, such as the systematic replacement of absent colleagues or a more individualized follow-up of pupils, including, for example, help with homework.

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“We will increase their remuneration if they are ready to go to these new missions and if they are ready to change their organization and their support rules”affirmed the President of the Republic, candidate for his succession.

“The system is a bit hypocritical”

Emmanuel Macron wants above all to integrate these missions into the service obligations of future recruits, hired on the basis of a “new contract”. A real break.

He clearly assumes the principle of merit pay. “There are teachers who, during the Covid, took care of your children. (…) Then there are teachers who have disappeared. They are all paid today the same, because the system is a bit hypocritical [et] takes refuge behind an egalitarianism. »

The Head of State wants in any case to make education, along with health, one of the two flagship projects of a possible second five-year term. With the desire to involve as many people as possible in this project, with “a broad consultation to discuss the best way to achieve objectives (…) by bringing all the stakeholders around the table”. A method which is reminiscent of the consensus conference promised by Yannick Jadot, the candidate of Europe Écologie-Les Verts, to make school “desirable” and “repairing the institution”.

More autonomy for establishments

Emmanuel Macron also and above all intends to grant more autonomy to establishments, turning his back on the vertical and Jacobin approach favored by his Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer. It is a question of taking inspiration from the model sketched out by the Head of State himself six months ago to redress the catastrophic situation of schools in Marseille.

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This experiment, which is meeting with resistance, must offer real latitude in terms of recruitment, while the assignment system today is essentially based on seniority. “I want directors to have the possibility of challenging profiles and participating in the decision. This will help to combat absenteeism,” he argued.

This increased autonomy would go hand in hand with the promise made to parents to “more transparency” in communicating the results of national assessments. What to highlight “pedagogical practices that lead to better results”.

Competitive bidding

“It amounts to putting establishments in competition and to affirm that competition will solve all the problems”, deplores the secretary general of the SE-Unsa teacher union, Stéphane Crochet. For him, Emmanuel Macron’s educational project is based “on a lack of knowledge of the realities of the profession, the level of complexity and commitment it requires”.

“He seems to consider that teachers have a lot of time available, when they already carry out many “invisible” missions such as supporting students or relations with parents, he adds. They also perform, in the second degree, a lot of overtime to compensate for the low number of staff. »

“Emmanuel Macron’s proposals appear for some of them original, striking, analyzes for his part the former director general of school education Alain Boissinot. Today, it is essential to develop the teaching profession. It is appropriate to grant more autonomy to establishments to allow them to adapt to their public. But such changes require a climate of trust. »

However, observes this former rector, the measures recommended by the President of the Republic are experienced “like an assault” by a teaching staff “weakened and disturbed”. For Alain Boissinot, “this is no doubt partly due to the tone used by the candidate, who seems severe and defiant towards the teachers”.


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