“We want to regain visibility and confidence”, defends Clémentine Parâtre, vice-president of the Center for young leaders

Clémentine Parâtre, vice-president of the Center for young business leaders was the eco guest of franceinfo on Thursday March 12 (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

“Place orders and we’re committed to creating jobs.” This is the message that 270 VSE and SME bosses have just sent by letter to large groups and to the State. This initiative is signed by an association called Lab Pareto supported by the Center for Young Business Leaders (CJD). “VSWhat we need as leaders of SMEs and very small businesses everywhere in the territories is orders “, explains Clémentine Parâtre, vice-president of the CJD, eco guest of franceinfo on Thursday 11 March.

franceinfo: Why did you write this letter? What is your approach?

Help, we need it, we don’t spit on it. But in a long-term vision, what we need as leaders of SMEs and VSEs everywhere in the territories is orders. So we call on the large private and public buyers to prioritize, as soon as possible, their orders from SMEs so that jobs can be created.

Open Letter – “What we need is to work” by Franceinfo on Scribd

Do VSEs and SMEs really have the means to respond quickly to calls for tenders in the face of competition from larger, more solid structures?

Of course. First, we can regroup, and combine our offers. But it may be necessary to simplify the calls for tenders. Many VSE-PME shun calls for tenders because it’s complicated, time-consuming, it’s too administrative. We need to finally hear what we are able to offer rather than respond to a specific pre-written need. As soon as they can, large companies buy French to support their territories. We need trust and visibility.

Can you keep your promise to create jobs in exchange for orders?

With 100,000 euros on average, depending on the sector of activity, a job is created. When we know that there are 89 billion euros per year in public purchases made to companies, we can imagine the number of jobs that could be created if at least 20% were dedicated to SMEs in the regions.

What is the Pareto Challenge?

It is an operation co-constructed with the Center for Young Leaders. I remind you that the CJD has been fighting for 82 years for an economy at the service of man. The challenge is to put ten large groups in touch with a network of SMEs and to have relocation projects. We are committed to opening our books and the profit generated by these relocations in our favor, we will transform them into jobs. We are committed to it. Large groups need to hear us.

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