“We must change our economic models”, enjoins a business manager

In figures, the aid released by the state to support the economy seems impressive. “As much as the 2008 crisis is a financial crisis that came from the United States like a tsunami, we are now dealing with a health crisis that is turning into an economic crisis. The very big difference is that that of 2008, we have it. suffered the full brunt in particular with a State helpless in the face of VSEs and SMEs. Conversely, there, the State reacted with vigor, speed, in particular the public investment bank which set up the partial unemployment. What is true is that in any system put in place, this cannot correspond to 100% “, recalls Nicolas Doucerain. “The key word today is this agility that we absolutely must have at the level of our company, this ability to develop our economic models, transform our models, to adapt to this new world that we are all building together “, adds the entrepreneur.

But for traders, the situation is much more delicate. “It is true that a large number of our small bosses, the autoentrepreneurs, the TP bosses are cornered by debt, because when we have a crisis with such violence (four to five times more violent than in 2008 ), we end up with completely helpless companies “, concedes the author of the book My small business went bankrupt again.

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