“We are losing one of our own”: Marseille pays tribute to Bernard Tapie

Marseille did not fail to salute the memory of Bernard Tapie, after the announcement of the death of the former president of OM, the legendary city football club.

The city’s socialist mayor, Benoît Payan, promised that Marseille “Will be there” to pay homage to the one which allowed the Marseille team to become in 1993 the first – and still only – French club to win the prestigious European Cup of Champion Clubs.

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“Bernard Tapie, forever Marseillais. It is part of the history of Marseille, the history of our greatest collective emotions, those that have marked our city, our club and its supporters. The story of a star on a European night », wrote the chosen one on his Twitter account, greeting a man “Solar, rebellious, determined, Marseillais by fate, (who) found in Marseilles a state of mind, a city that he knew in his own way to embody, to the point of being confused with it in what it has better or worse “.

“Bernard Tapie was also a committed man, going directly to the fight against the extreme right”, took care to also recall the Socialist.

“Faced with the hatred of the other, he always stood up to act as a bulwark. He has never been silent in the face of racists, anti-Semites. In all times and in all places, he fought them. “Business, politics, trials … The novel by Bernard Tapie, the man with 1001 lives

“Marseille and Bernard met a few decades ago never to leave each other again, like twin souls, he has decided to be at home here and will stay that way forever”, concluded the deputy mayor the former socialist senator Samia Ghali.

“Club legend”

OM, for its part, decided to blacken its logo, which is usually blue and white on social networks, and for its part assured that it “Will remain (it) forever in the legend of the club”. Current club owner Frank McCourt of the United States hailed “A man of remarkable courage and impressive vitality”.

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In front of the Velodrome, a black and white photo of him holding a round ball was installed Sunday morning by OM. An ardent chapel, where supporters and the Marseillais could come and collect themselves to greet the former president, will also be erected during the week. “The club will pay him a worthy tribute”, promised Spanish President Pablo Longoria in a video on Twitter.

Sunday evening, during their match in Lille, Marseille players will wear a black armband, and from Monday collections of condolences will be installed in the stadium, with the 1993 European Cup whose “big ears” will be surrounded by black bands. .

“Eternal respect”

Also on the social network, the Ultras of OM Ultras recalled for their part to what extent the former president of the club had “Uninhibited a whole country” by leading OM to victory. “Today, a whole country owes him a lot, despite all his excesses. Forever the first. Eternal respects “, adds the group of supporters.

The political and sporting world pays tribute to Bernard Tapie

“We are losing one of our own”, wrote in a press release the group of “Vielle garde 1984”.

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The funeral will be held at the Cathedral of the Major, facing the Mediterranean, announced the mayor of Marseille, without being able to specify the date of the ceremony. He himself went in the afternoon to the Velodrome stadium to participate in “Popular and spontaneous homage” of the Marseillais.

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