Ways to help Vietnamese earn millions of dollars online

Income from writing software, making games, making YouTube make many young Vietnamese become millionaires, but there are other professions that can earn hundreds of millions per month.

Eight years ago, a university student in Vietnam writing software for BlackBerry phones made 300 million / month at the peak of his income. Talking to ICTnews recently, this person confirmed that an individual’s income of 330 billion VND / year (equivalent to 14-15 million USD) of an individual recently can happen, but very rarely.

Many doubts about the girl’s ability to make money. However, those working in the fields of games and mobile software approached by ICTnews think that it is possible to earn more than 1 million USD / month. Many people agree that this individual represents a group of programmers, with dozens or even hundreds of games or applications on markets such as the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Income of this type is equivalent to some major game studios in Vietnam today.

In fact, making millions of dollars online is not a rare thing in Vietnam.

Income from making mobile games is very high in the programming world. (Photo: H.D)

Make billions of money every month from YouTube

Most recently, a person in Da Nang has just paid a tax of more than 25.3 billion. The tax based on sales amounted to VND 281 billion over 3 years, from 2015 to 2018. According to the tax authority’s documents, this person’s revenue is covered by Google in Singapore, the website that brings the main revenue paid. from 2018.

According to ICTnews, this person’s website has created a large collection of YouTube videos. The videos are content-rich, cleverly retaining viewers and monetizing display ads.

To set up such a website, with a lot of different video content, obviously need a large group to build the website. With a revenue of up to 281 billion VND in 3 years, each month this group earns an average of 7.8 billion.

Unlike the aforementioned website that gathers videos from diverse sources, many people in Vietnam also earn millions of dollars by self-producing videos.

There are many famous YouTubers in Vietnam who are becoming millionaires thanks to videos that are watched by many people, making money from auto advertising or brand communications.

For example, the channel of Ms. Tan Vlog in the middle of 2019 can earn a few hundred to several tens of thousands of dollars a day, according to the calculation of the Social Blade page. An advertisement view in Vietnam ranges from 600 VND to 3,000 VND, a channel like Ms. Tan Vlog can reach more than 1 million views a day, and will earn from 300 USD to 5,500 USD. At “hot” time, Ba Tan Vlog channel can reach 120 million views / month, earning hundreds of thousands of USD.

Other famous YouTubers’ earnings are also easy to guess based on their video channel views. However, knowledgeable people believe that there are channels that gather many different small videos together, creating huge views, but many people do not know – as in the case of the man in Da Nang mentioned above.

Make money from writing apps, mobile games

Market research firm NewZoo forecasts that by 2022 the worldwide mobile game market will reach $ 79.7 billion on a total scale of $ 152.1 billion in the entire gaming industry. In Southeast Asia, mobile games from 3.2 billion USD in 2019 could increase to 6.1 billion by 2022. A lot of individual programmers, groups, companies in Vietnam jump into the field. this to tap. In which, the story of Flappy Bird by Nguyen Ha Dong is the clearest proof of making million dollars with just a small game.

However, Nguyen Ha Dong is not the only case with huge income. In the case of a Hanoi girl claiming an income of 330 billion dong mentioned above, many people reasoned that with that income, her game must be extremely popular or at least good enough for people in the world to recognize.

However, some others believe that the 9x girl’s revenue could come from many games and applications, the girl represents only one production team. This model is similar to the website of the taxpayer in Da Nang making money from Google.

One thing that Flappy Bird has in common, the two hundred billion cases in this post and a lot of game companies in Vietnam are: they build content for foreigners. Because foreigners are willing to pay a small amount of a few dollars, several tens of dollars to buy games. Each ad from developed countries is also higher than Vietnam.

Students who earn 300 million / month in 2012 also write for BlackBerry phones, aimed at North America, where users have the habit of paying more.

A lot of people make millions of dollars unexpectedly, unintentionally. Flappy Bird, for example, is only popular when mentioned by a famous blogger. Face Dance Challenge, a Vietnamese game that suddenly became globally known and compared to Flappy Bird, also emerged when the company founder was… going out – he told ICTnews.

Saying so to see that, to have million products downloads, most by luck. But there are still more seasonal groups, collecting many different apps and games to create big plays, collecting “change”, and luckily making billions. The ways of these groups focus on one single goal: Money. They earn by all means but quite quietly, so not everyone knows and believes in the large amount of money they have.

Writing software to make money is so popular in the world that there are companies willing to write custom applications. A person with no programming skills but with an idea can also hire basic, low-cost, high-revenue forecast applications.

Earn hundreds of millions / month from other “light” jobs

In the world of making money online, writing software and YouTube are the two areas where the money goes. But there are still other ways to make hundreds of millions / month not uncommon.

For example, some e-commerce platforms have wholesale sources, users just need to find customers, everything from payment to delivery is provided by the wholesaler. People who can find unique, low-priced items, know how the media will sell a lot of goods, enjoy the difference.

Or as Amazon also has a policy to pay commissions to the referral (Amazon Affiliate). Users simply write attractive content that leads customers to product links on Amazon, when customers buy from that link, users will enjoy a percentage. In Vietnam there are similar service providers, with sales campaigns up to 20-30%.

In addition, MMO (making money online) in Vietnam also exploits other jobs such as introducing courses, becoming traders on e-commerce sites, doing part-time jobs, watching ads to make money, …

Making billions, it is possible but not easy

The job of writing software to make money is never easy, that’s why many people in the world still doubt the revenue of hundreds of billion dong per year as mentioned above.

To have such revenue, according to a former director of a long-standing software company in Vietnam shared with ICTnews, games with tens or hundreds of millions of downloads are not uncommon, but to do so, they must spend money advertising very much. much. Sometimes the pay for advertising equates to the revenue. By the time the game is popular, cut down on ads, spend money on staffing, and keep growing.

Also, as mentioned, having a famous game depends on luck. There are games written all year long, but for some reason it suddenly becomes known and other games with the development team may follow.

There are groups to make quick money that can write gambling games, games that advertise a lot, games pointing links to download other content, … are things that programmers can know, but do not choose to do and often quiet when asked.

In order to grasp the tastes and work tirelessly on the Internet, most of these groups are very young, compared to the income they earn.


Is the income of 330 billion dong from writing mobile apps possible?

Is the income of 330 billion dong from writing mobile apps possible?

For industry insiders, the revenue of 330 billion VND (about 14 million USD) in a year on the Play Store and App Store is not too surprising.


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