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Water found in the lunar surface, NASA lifted the curtain from the mystery

Washington: The US space agency NASA has made an exciting announcement about the moon. NASA has announced that water will be found in the sunlit surface of the moon. NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) has confirmed water on the sunlit surface of the moon. This is a big success. According to NASA, Sophia (SOFIA) has detected water molecules (H2O) in the Clavius ​​crater. The Clavius ​​crater is one of the largest craters visible from the Earth, located in the southern hemisphere of the Moon.

Earlier it was reported that some important information has been received about NASA’s Mission Moon, which will be helpful in the mission of finding the possibility of life on the moon. Let us know that in many previous research, it was found that there is hydrogen on the moon but there was no confirmation about water.

Plan to establish human settlements on the moon!
NASA is already preparing to send a man and a woman to the moon’s surface for the first time in the year 2024. The entire project could cost up to $ 28 billion. Of this, $ 16 billion will be spent on lunar landing modules.

NASA chief Jim Bridenstein says that there are three different projects to build the lunar lander. The first flight of Artemis I is scheduled for November of 2021. Which will be unmanned. After this Artemis II will take astronauts to orbit the moon in 2023, but will not land. At the end of the project, Artemis III will land on the lunar surface carrying astronauts. It will stay on the lunar surface for a week and will also do some ordinary activity.

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