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Watch: TV set piece on journalist when dropped during live show, know what happened next

A Colombian journalist narrowly escaped an accident during a live show. The video of the incident is now being shared on social media. Journalists from sports channel ESPN Columbia were discussing with the guests involved in the show, during which a piece of TV set fell behind them.

Piece of tv set dropped in live show

As can be seen in the video, suddenly the piece falls on his face on the desk. Thankfully, there was no major accident but a minor injury. But the scene of the incident was captured on camera. Surprised by the accident, another anchor immediately announced the brakes while handling the situation.

Journalists narrowly survived in the accident

After the video surfaced, people started worrying about the health of Carlos Ordoose and wished him a quick recovery. A large number of people were seen curious on social media about their health concerns.

After the medical checkup, the journalist took to Twitter to reassure the fans. He said that he suffered only minor injuries and was a blow to the nose. On behalf of a colleague, he said on Twitter, “I want to tell those who are worried about my health that I am fine. Thank you well wishers.”

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