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WATCH: Tanzanian social media star Kylie Paul attacked with a knife, gets 5 stitches

Trending News: A recent stabbing incident has created a sensation on social media. Even after this stabbing incident happened in Tanzania, Indian users are seen very angry on social media. The main reason for this is that this incident happened with social media star Kylie Paul. Whose information has been given by Kylie Paul herself from her Instagram account.

Tanzania’s Internet sensation Kylie Paul is very much liked by millions of users in India. The main reason for this is the lip-sync video on Kylie Paul’s Bollywood films as well as songs and dialogues of South Indian films. Which Indian users like a lot on social media. For now, Kylie Paul is out of danger. He has told in an update given on social media that apart from being attacked with a knife, he has also been beaten up with sticks.

Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) has praised Kylie Paul fiercely in the program Mann Ki Baat. At present, the round of prayers for him has started on social media. Users are wishing him a speedy recovery. At the same time demanding strict action against the culprits.

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