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Watch: In Canada when dog stopped traffic to save mistress, know what happened next

A dog in Canada is getting accolades online for saving his mistress’s life. After the attack, her mistress fainted on the road. Meanwhile, the dog stopped the traffic to help his mistress. With the help of time, the life of the mistress could be saved. The video clip is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Actually, Haley Moore and her one and a half year old dog Clover had gone for a walk in Ottawa. Meanwhile, Moore suddenly fell to the ground after having a seizure.

When the dog saved the mistress’s life from beach traffic

It can be seen in the video that the dog tested the mistress and realized that she needed help. The dog immediately frees himself from the hold and warns the car that comes in the middle of the road.

Be respectful of a dog like a hero on social media

The driver of the vehicle helping Moore told CTV News, “This moment was really affecting, the dog really stopped my way. The dog kept eyeing Moore the whole time; didn’t look away from him. He kept a distance from me. But made sure her mistress was okay and it was amazing. ” The website reported that an ambulance was called immediately and health workers treated Moore. The viral clip caught the attention of social media users as it came on the internet.

People are appreciating the initiative of the dog when the mistress falls. It is said that Moore was not seriously hurt in the accident and the doctors failed to ascertain the reason for the seizures. However, Moore believes that his dog will protect him. She said, “If it happens again, then I feel 10 times more secure and I know that the dog will stand to help me.”

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