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Watch: German Shepherd joins Biden family, President welcomes like this

Trending News: In today’s time, pets are successful in making a special place in everyone’s heart. Among them, cute dogs are being seen as everyone’s first choice. Even US President Joe Biden has not been able to escape this animal love. By sharing a video and picture on social media, he has informed about the arrival of a new stomach in the White House.

Actually, US President Joe Biden shared a picture on Tuesday, in which a cute dog of German Shepherd breed can be seen. Along with this, he captioned it and wrote ‘Welcome to the White House, Commander.’ After which there were speculations that the US President is preparing to bring a new stomach to the White House.

After this, Biden also shared a video on social media, in which he was seen welcoming a German Shepherd dog with outstretched arms to the White House. Along with this, he was also seen having a lot of fun with Doggy in the video. In the video, he was seen playing with the ball and feeding it with the dog like any other person.

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While sharing this video, he wrote in the caption ‘Meet the new Biden.’ It is clear from his tweet that he has taken a new pet for himself. Who has been welcomed into the Biden family. Let us tell you that US President Joe Biden is also an animal lover. Currently, the commander is the third dog to join the Biden family at the White House. Earlier, when Biden reached the White House as President, two German Shepherd Dogs Champ and Major were with him. Recently, his special doggy champ passed away at the age of 13.


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