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Washington: Trump told India ‘dirty country’, Biden said – do not say such things about friend

Washington: US President Donald Trump’s statement on India has been criticized by presidential candidate Joe Biden. “I and my party’s Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, highly respect India’s partnership with America,” the Democratic presidential candidate said on Saturday.

Biden wrote in a tweet, “President Trump has called India a ‘dirty’ country. In this way his friends are not talked about and thus global challenges such as climate change are not faced either.” Significantly, Donald Trump, while commenting on air pollution, described India as a ‘dirty country’.

Donald Trump’s statement on India criticized

During the presidential election debate two days ago, he had commented about China, India and Russia that these countries are not taking care of their ‘dirty’ winds. During a final debate with Biden in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday, Trump said, “Look at China, how dirty it is. Look at Russia, look at India, the air is very dirty there.”

Friends are not talked about – Joe Biden

Retweeting an article published in the recent issue of ‘India West’ weekly, Joe Biden said in a tweet, “Kamala Harris and I value partnership a lot and we will re-center respect in foreign policy.” He said that if he is elected President, the United States and India will work together against all forms of terrorism to promote an area of ​​peace and stability where China or any other country does not warn its neighbors. He said that his priority would be to open markets. Apart from this, we will work to increase the middle class in America and India. Also, international challenges like climate change will also be faced together.

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