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Washington military bases closed after sighting a gunman, alerted people to be alert

Washington Air Force Station Close: The military base has been closed after the news of the sighting of an armed man in a military center in Washington, US. Joint Base Anacostia Bolling said in a notification posted on Facebook on Friday that the military base has been closed. The notice said that the presence of one person was reported in the southern part of the military base and people have been asked to remain alert. The notice states that the suspect has been identified as a black man of medium height and also possessed a bag of Gucci.

‘America is our friend, both countries want peace in Afghanistan’

Pakistan on Friday said it regards the US as its friend and wants to strengthen ties with it on a broader scale to achieve the common objective of peace and prosperity in Afghanistan. This statement of Pakistan is believed to be an explanation of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement, in which he said that the US considers Pakistan useful only to correct the disturbances done by it in Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry said this in response to questions being raised by the media regarding the Prime Minister’s remarks. “We have shared views and interests on several key issues, including the Afghan peace process,” Chowdhury said. Both countries believe that there is no military solution to the conflict in Afghanistan and both the US and Pakistan want to see peace in Afghanistan.

While addressing foreign journalists on Wednesday, Imran Khan had said, “Pakistan is considered useful only in the context that it can somehow be useful in resolving this mess. During the last 20 years, America has tried to solve the problem of Afghanistan through military means. In fact, it can never be resolved militarily.”

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