Washington, Huppert and Day-Lewis named best actors of the 21st century according to the New York Times

In this classification, more than subjective, Leonardo DiCaprio or Meryl Streep do not appear.

The famous American newspaper has unveiled a list of the 25 biggest actors between 2000 and 2020. The New York Times delivers a rather surprising track record.

Named six times at the Oscars, the American Denzel Washington takes the top spot. The French Isabelle Huppert, very popular in the United States, holds the second position, noted for her roles in The piano lesson, Intoxication of power or Greta. Finally, Daniel Day-Lewis, three times Oscar winner (Lincoln, There Will Be Blood, My Left Foot) completes the top 3.

Keanu Reeves in the crosshairs

Of the prize list, it is Keanu Reeves, the emblematic actor of the saga Matrix , installed in fourth position, which is the most talked about. Since the list came out, comments of incomprehension have been raining down on social networks.

Names such as: Nicole Kidman (The Others, Moulin rouge, Eyes Wide Shut), Song Kang-ho (Parasite), Toni Servillo (La Grande Bellezza), Zhao Tao (A Touch of Sin), or Viola Davis (The colour of feelings).

Lagging behind, Julianne Moore, Joaquin Phoenix (Oscar winner last February for his role in Joker ) and Tilda Swinton, settling in 11th, 12th and 13th positions respectively. If many inconsistencies remain in the place of some, others, less fortunate, are conspicuous only by their absence.

What about Dicaprio, Cate Blanchett or Meryl Streep?

Indeed, some of the most talented actors and actresses are missing. First of all Leonardo Dicaprio, shunned by the drafting of New York Times. Yet the actor has distinguished himself with many prime directors such as Martin Scorsese (The wolf of Wall Street , Shutter island), Quentin Tarantino (Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood ) or Sam Mendès (The rebellious wedding).

Another absent from the selection, the incredible Cate Blanchett, happy winner of two Oscars at the beginning of the century. That of the “best actress” with Blue jasmine in 2014 and that of the “best secondary actress” in 2005 for the film Aviator. Meryl Streep would also have had all its legitimacy, decorated with many awards since the 2000s.


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