Warning feature when there is F0 risk group

Ho Chi Minh CityWhen people quickly test positive and declare online on the Covid-19 Patient Management System, the software identifies this person as a risk group and sends a message to the clinic doctor.

This feature has just been added by the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City to the home F0 management application, tested at Tan Thanh Medical Station, Tan Phu District and Ward 14, District 11, before mass deployment. This is a new feature after the online isolation application is completed, people do not need to go to the local health station to get a certificate as before.

According to this process, people who have a quick test at home with positive results will log in to the Covid-19 Patient Management System ( via computer or phone, declare personal information, send positive quick test image to be confirmed as F0.

Based on age, medical condition, address in the declaration, the application identifies F0 as a risk group (from 50 years old, has an underlying medical condition) and sends an alert to the local health station. Thus, health station staff closely monitor and do not miss high-risk groups, promptly advise and provide treatment drugs as well as hospitalized as soon as indicated.

When the isolation time is enough, the F0 quick test at home is negative, the test image is sent to the system, the medical isolation completion certificate is emailed by the system. This application is expected to reduce the workload for medical staff, shorten the waiting time for the people, and make the storage of F0 information simpler and more convenient.

The application for completing the online isolation certificate was tested by the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City on March 12, two days later, it was officially deployed throughout the city. Ho Chi Minh City advocates the application of digital transformation in home management of F0, in the context of an increase in the number of infections, high F0 for home treatment, leading to an overload of medical facilities in confirming infected people and issuing completed certificates. isolation.

Mobile medical team in ward 11, Binh Thanh district to support elderly F0, August 2021. Photo: Quynh Tran

The city is working to protect at-risk groups who are over 50 years old and people with underlying medical conditions of all ages. Since the end of last year, the city has identified the risk group as over 65 years old and people with underlying medical conditions. Thus, now the risk group is expanded in age. Localities actively test risk groups, in order to detect infections early, monitor and treat. This is one of the important solutions to reduce the risk of death and reduce the number of deaths from Covid-19.

The health sector recommends that families with people in the risk group actively take protective measures. When a family member has Covid-19, it is necessary to declare and isolate immediately, do not let F0 contact people in the risk group, closely monitor their health. Persons in the risk group for Covid-19 should notify the local health department by calling or reporting online to receive treatment.

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