War in Ukraine: Visa and Mastercard suspend operations in Russia



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Sanctions continue to be imposed on Moscow. Announcements from major international groups have multiplied in recent days. On Saturday March 5, Visa and Mastercard, the leaders in the bank card market, announced that they were suspending their operations in Russia.

This is the latest sanction against Russia. The two American giants of payment systems Visa and Mastercard stop their operations. Concretely, Russians who travel will no longer be able to use their card abroad, and tourists will no longer be able to use their card in Russia. On the other hand, no consequence for the Russians themselves, in Russia.

However, the decision of the two banking leaders follows a series of others. The sign Ikeawhich has 17 stores and 3 production sites in Russia, ceased all activity there, causing a rush on the shelves before closing. Same position for Zara, the Spanish clothing leader. The electronics specialist Samsung has suspended shipments to the same country. Other flagship announcement: that of French luxury brands, which have decided to temporarily close their stores.

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