WandaVision: Marvel superheroes at the frontiers of reality and a new jackpot for Disney +

MEETING – Far from the overbidding of its films, the first Marvel series for Disney + relies on the sitcom and delights with its daring and creativity. This bodes well for the future. Its creators and actors decipher Figaro this unusual soap opera.

At the launch of Mandalorian on Disney +, fans of Star Wars were unanimous: the adventures of baby Yoda and her protector reconnected with the magic of George Lucas’ first shutters. With WandaVision, launched this Friday, and the first of a dozen series devoted to Marvel superheroes, the platform repeats the feat with unexpected audacity and panache.

Ex-Avengers Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and android Vision (Paul Bettany) have put away their saviors of the world cape for a peaceful life in a (too) idyllic suburb. This pastiche soap opera over its nine parts 70 years of family sitcoms, I love lucy at Madame is served. Black and white (in the initial episodes), recorded laughter, vintage special effects with magnets and objects suspended in the air by strings included. Looking forward to seeing the couple try to hide their superpowers from their overly curious and perky neighbors (including Kathryn Hahn), while participating in the fair.

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