Vsmart Star 5 integrates vSIM, free 4G

With a free 18-month 10GB / month 4G Internet data package integrated through virtual SIM technology (vSIM), Vsmart Star 5 is gradually changing the standard serving consumers in Vietnam.

Enjoy free data for 18 months

Mr. Nguyen Van Manh (Grab driver, Cau Giay, Hanoi) said: “In addition to using data to welcome guests, when I have free time, I often take advantage of watching movies or listening to music. But I constantly have to turn off data constantly when not in use for fear of spending money; Sometimes I am tired of changing SIM cards, recharging money, switching between different free data packages or having to buy more data packages when there is a demand “.

On March 26, VinSmart Company (Vingroup Group) launched the Vsmart Star 5 smartphone in the Vietnamese market. With 10GB / month 4G Internet data package for free for 18 months, integrated via virtual SIM technology (vSIM).

“Star 5 is the first product of VinSmart in 2021 to be welcomed and highly appreciated by consumers in the popular price segment in particular, of the Vietnamese smartphone market in general”, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong, Deputy General Director VinSmart Standing Director said.

With the pioneering application of vSIM technology in the Star 5 series, VinSmart has brought many new values ​​to consumers: simplifying data usage, easy data exploitation for the essential needs of people in modern life.

“The vSIM technology that first appeared on the Star 5 series was a unique highlight of the product: competing by service instead of by configuration”, the representative of VinSmart shared.

In addition to the general configuration, design and price (from 2.69 to 3.19 million depending on the amount of RAM and ROM), when buying Star 5, users can also use up to 10GB of free data. / month within 18 months from the time the package is activated, users will save more monthly costs for buying data packages.

The partner providing 4G data services for Star 5 series is VinaPhone. In the near future, there will be other carriers participating in this data game. A source from VinSmart added that in the near future, there will be many products, including products with prices lower than Star 5, which will now have vSIM services with free data packages.

What’s special about vSIM?

vSIM is a virtual SIM technology, pre-installed on Star 5. When activated successfully, vSIM will be identified by the carrier by a certain number of subscribers like a normal SIM.

After purchasing the Star 5, customers need to activate this promotion package by bringing the device to the nearest VinaPhone service center to get help from the staff with a few simple steps on the vSIM app. such as: issuing OTP, taking a photo of identity card (citizen’s identity) and taking portrait photos are done. Then, the customer switches the button “mobile data” to the “on” mode to access online applications, surf the web, go to Facebook, Zalo …

In addition to using the data service according to VinSmart’s limit, customers also have the right to listen / call / text using vSIM as a normal physical SIM if the customer’s vSIM account has enough money (how to top up money for vSIM is similar to regular SIM).

Vsmart Star 5 integrates vSIM, free 4G

When vSIM’s data package expires, the user will continue to use vSIM. In the case of a warranty machine, a genuine VinSmart warranty center will repair and return the machine customer to a previously registered vSIM subscriber. In case of a “1: 1 exchange and return” warranty, the system will assign the subscriber number and package from the old device to the new one.

According to VinSmart, currently Star 5 only uses 2 SIMs at the same time, including vSIM and physical SIM or 2 physical SIMs. However, customers can put 2 physical SIMs with vSIM in the phone and freely switch between SIMs. The solution to integrate vSIM on Star 5 is the technology “3 SIM with 2 waves online” (Triple SIM Dual Standby).

vSIM is a unique technology solution that no smartphone manufacturer has commercialized on the smartphone lines on the market. This is a creative and somewhat daring step of VinSmart in creating a network community for residents, especially people in remote areas who are still confused with using data on smartphones.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong shared: “With vSIM, VinSmart wants to bring a new perspective to consumers in the era of digital communication right on a low-cost smartphone with strong performance like Star. 5. In the coming time, VinSmart will continue to innovate to become a pioneer manufacturer to bring consumers products with many new features and quality in the smartphone market in Vietnam ”.

What’s so attractive about Vsmart Star 5?

In addition to vSIM gifts, in the popular price segment, Star 5 has many advantages in terms of configuration: IPS LCD screen with HD + resolution of 6,528 inches, MediaTek Helio G35 8-core chip, 5,000mAh battery, 15W fast charging the same cluster of 3 rear cameras with resolutions: 13MP, 2MP and 2MP, while the selfie camera has a resolution of 8MP; Type C data and charging port to charge the battery and copy data faster; Fingerprint opening technology placed on the back of the device …

Star 5 has 3 colors: Green Hope, Passion Blue and Mysterious Black and 3 versions with corresponding prices according to RAM and ROM capacity: 3GB RAM / 32GB ROM version costs 2.69 million VND; The 3GB RAM / 64GB ROM version is 2.89 million VND and the 4GB RAM / 64GB ROM version costs 3.19 million VND.

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