Vsmart Aris Pro – a small phone that “piggybacked” big thinking

Vsmart Aris Pro is not only one of the first commercially produced phones with infinite screens in the world, but also proves that Vietnamese can also be a pioneer in a technological revolution.

Solve difficult problems with Vietnamese intelligence and competencies

In recent years, many mobile giants have not had a viable solution to erase the “rabbit ears”, “water drops” or “moles” – the common term for the slots on the screen containing the camera. The optimal solution is to hide the camera under the screen to remove the black lines. The seemingly simple story is a difficult problem because the inconsistency that a good quality screen will accompany a dense pixel density (pixels). Light hardly penetrates the curtain to reach the camera sensor.

A few alternative ideas have been realized, such as a selfie camera from the back slide or shark fin. Although interesting, the way to do that still makes the smartphone thicker, heavier, even affecting the monolithic texture and water resistance.

In the midst of phone companies still struggling to find solutions, VinSmart suddenly introduced Vsmart Aris Pro with a self-developed technology solution, surprising many people with the image quality of the selfie camera below the edge of the screen (full view). ).

The way VinSmart commercializes one of the world’s first hidden camera phones is not surprising: it cooperates with its partner to make a screen with a higher transparency camera area, combined with post-production image processing technology.

The main difference is in the image processing solution. When light penetrates the pixel grid still cannot reach 100% like traditional cameras, the solution that Vsmart Aris Pro brings is the combination of the company’s engineers and scientists at the Institute of Human Intelligence. Create VinAI Research (under the Vingroup Group), to refine the camera and develop photography technology using AI for this product.

VinAI has combined algorithms, AI models in computer vision, computational photography, and created a technology called Vcam Kristal to eliminate blurred and underexposed images. This technology helps images overcome the optical barriers of the camera hidden under the screen to create sharp selfies with high resolution.

The advantage of the Vingroup “research ecosystem” is said to be a strong point that helps Vietnamese phone company confidently put on the shelf the pioneer CUD (camera under display) smartphone in the world.

“VinSmart has overcome the barriers of optics, solved the problem that has been difficult for the technology world for many years”, Mr. Ngo Duc Hai, Technology Director of Funzilla Vietnam Company said about Aris Pro after trying the selfie camera hidden under the screen. Figure.

Inspire “dare to lead”

Technology expert Ngo Duc Hai expressed his admiration to VinSmart because the Vietnamese telephone company “dared” to choose the difficult way of investing effort, time and resources to master its own technology, instead of waiting for that. developers are finished and are available for purchase. If you don’t make products that are commercially viable, everything will live in the ocean and even the shift to new technology may be too late.

According to Mr. Hai, in a business determined to “do big” like VinSmart, daring to pursue new technology also shows the confidence of capable people. Evidence is that a phone with difficult technology to handle, is still making famous names “headache”, made by the Vietnamese people has formed and reached the hands of users.

Mr. Hai also said that, if you want to assemble hardware and software to optimize the quality of photos taken from the camera under the screen, few businesses have the capacity to do so unless they know the core technology. That is the reason why a few phone companies have previously revealed experimental products but cannot commercialize.

“VinSmart has an impressive affirmation of being a pioneer in the technology world, with its own capabilities and ecosystems”, Mr. Ngo Duc Hai said.

Vsmart has an impressive affirmation of being a pioneer in the world of technology, with its own capabilities and ecosystem.

In addition to the camera under the screen, Aris Pro is also one of the leading phones in the world applying Quantis QRNG quantum security technology, making the data security on this product much higher than the phone used. Traditional security chip.

Vsmart Aris Pro - a small phone that

Vsmart Aris stands out with a luxurious metal frame design and a sandpaper back

Looking back at VinSmart’s journey, technology expert Bui Duc Chinh (Center for Technology Creation and Development) said that what Vietnamese phone company is the best proof of Vietnamese capacity and intelligence. A young business like VinSmart, but with its creativity, good vision and brainpower can make the seemingly impossible.

“Vietnamese people and Vietnamese enterprises do not lack talented people, but why not many people can master core technology. Part of the reason is that we do not dare to think big, do big, and dare not give up all our minds and efforts to pursue difficult jobs. But in order to do that, you must dare to take the lead, and VinSmart is a great lesson “, Mr. Bui Duc Chinh said.

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