VR technology application at Internet Expo 2021

In the context of complicated developments of the pandemic, “Internet Expo 2021” creates a special highlight of the application of VR virtual reality technology to bring customers to an authentic and useful shopping space experience.

“Internet Expo 2021” was first held on an online platform as a virtual exhibition event for all industries to create a space for participants to search, interact, transact or receive advice such as: an offline event.

VR technology application at Internet Expo 2021

The program is held on a virtual exhibition space, scheduled to take place in 3 days from October 29 to October 31, 2021 with a scale of 350 virtual booths and 10,000 attendees, 6 trading sessions, 6 livestream sessions, 10 seminar sessions with more than 20 speakers, 1 special Talkshow session, 1 honor ceremony.

The very complicated and dangerous developments of the Covid-19 pandemic pose comprehensive challenges of a global nature. In which, many businesses are struggling to find new directions, maintain production and business in the context of the epidemic, promote products to a large number of customers without having to contact directly, and save costs. …

If it is not possible to organize or attend physical events or trade shows, virtual exhibitions will be the optimal solution during this period.

Virtual reality exhibition, also known as Virtual Exhibition, is an online-based exhibition form that allows viewers to participate and perform like normal events with smart devices such as smartphones, PCs, tables, VR devices, etc.

Virtual reality technology is a growing technology trend around the world. Up to now, this technology has also been interested, invested and applied by many Vietnamese enterprises. This is really an important key in the new era of human development

Users when visiting will receive immediate and complete information response support by AI virtual assistant (artificial intelligence); easily search for booths, book an appointment with the booth.

In addition, with a national and international scale, Internet Expo 2021 also offers many options and solutions for digital transformation for businesses in the context of Covid-19.


How does Covid-19 change technology shopping behavior in Vietnam?

How does Covid-19 change technology shopping behavior in Vietnam?

Under the impact of Covid-19 and the way the government responded to the epidemic, it created certain impacts on the buying habits of technology products in Vietnam.


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