VOV won the “double” of the ABU International Broadcasting Award 2021

The Voice of Vietnam (VOV) won 2 out of 17 awards for the first time at the ABU international awards 2021, with its radio report “Nuoc Oi” winning the excellent award in the category of “News reportage” and the work “Don’t give up”. quit” received a special award from the Jury.

As a prestigious international radio and television award, the ABU Prizes are annually organized by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), to honor radio, television and content works. excellent digital content of ABU member stations submitted to the competition.

The ABU Awards are aimed at works with innovative, high-quality, rich content and conveying a global humanistic message.

In 2021, despite the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in the world and the region, ABU still received more than 300 entries for all 3 categories: Radio, television and digital media. In which, there are 167 television works, 104 radio works and 29 digital media works.

The ABU 2021 awards ceremony will be held online on the afternoon of November 17.

The ABU 2021 awards ceremony just took place within the framework of the 58th ABU General Assembly held online on the afternoon of November 17.

According to the announcement of the Organizing Committee, the radio report “My country!” by author Hoang Van An, the News Department (VOV1) won the excellent prize in the category of “News reportage” and the work “Don’t give up” by author Kieu Thanh Phuong, the Department of Culture and Society (VOV2) won. Special Jury Prize.

VOV won the
VOV leaders award certificates of merit to authors who have just received ABU 2021 awards.

The work “Oi Nuoc” is written about children in Lao Xa Phinh commune, Tua Chua district of Dien Bien province, since birth, by default… lack of water. Due to climate change, lack of investment resources, deforestation and unreasonable use of water resources, they are always in a state of “thirst”, especially in the dry season (from December to April every year). . During that time, every day, some children had to walk a few kilometers, carrying dozens of trips of water to serve the whole family.

News report “O country!” as a cry for help, a warning when children’s right to access clean water in Tua Chua is increasingly difficult. This is also the situation of another 5 million Vietnamese children.

VOV won the

“Don’t give up” is a work about victims of depression, through the touching story of young Duong Quang Huy. Since he was a high school student, Huy has been haunted by bullying and violence from his friends. The beatings of his classmates have turned Huy into a timid person, always feeling afraid, nervous, living alone with the world around. Throughout the story is the tragedy of Huy when every day, every hour, he has to struggle with the pain and struggle of depression, always living between the boundary of “life” or “death”. Although he once had suicidal thoughts, Huy tried to overcome it and wished that people with this disease would not give up, like the way he is trying to overcome every day.

Huy’s story is not unique. According to a report by the National Institute of Mental Health, Vietnam has about 8 million people suffering from depression, accounting for about 10% of the population. Every year, Vietnam also records about 30,000 people commit suicide because of depression. Not to mention, millions of people hide their illnesses and cope with invisible pain alone.

Speaking at the award ceremony concurrently held at VOV, Mr. Do Tien Sy, Member of the Party Central Committee and General Director of VOV, said that, surpassing many works attended by radio and television companies in the region, To compete fairly with major stations in the world, having 2 ABU winners this year is a great honor for the Voice of Vietnam…

“I appreciate the meticulous preparation of the contests, from the fact that we try to learn from international friends’ experience in making programs to the bold change in our daily program-making habits. to create breakthroughs in content quality…”, shared Mr. Do Tien Sy.

Van Anh

Handing over the decision to appoint the General Director of Voice of Vietnam Radio

Handing over the decision to appoint the General Director of Voice of Vietnam Radio

Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh wished that Mr. Do Tien Sy and the TNVN team would constantly strive to be forever worthy of the name “Voice of Vietnam”.


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