VNPT stands with Hai Duong to take the lead in digital transformation

In the period of 2017-2021, VNPT actively supports Hai Duong to build a strong digital infrastructure platform, rich digital ecosystem to meet the needs of socio-economic development, implementation of e-Government…

From 2020, the digital transformation assessment index of Hai Duong province reached a value of 0.3504, higher than the average value and ranked 14th in the country. The province’s rankings in terms of digital government, digital economy and digital society compared to the whole country are 22, 9, 13 respectively. These rankings are proof of the province’s efforts in promoting digital transformation. In that journey, Hai Duong always has the companion of VNPT Group.

Hai Duong is ready to develop Digital Government

In Hai Duong, the IT infrastructure is well-invested by VNPT. Currently, 100% of departments, agencies, district and commune People’s Committees have built an internal network (LAN) connecting departments and units; the ratio of computers/officers and civil servants reaches 100%.

The province’s specialized data transmission network is used in the activities of Party agencies, connected to all departments, agencies, People’s Committees at all levels to serve the Online Video Conferencing System from the province. to the commune and connect with the central government.

VNPT Group has established electronic “one-stop” software and online public services from the province to 12 districts, towns, cities and 235 communes, wards and townships; building a service mail system; connecting document management software to the national data exchange platform axis (VDXP) and the national public service portal with the provincial public service portal; VSR reporting system.

Public service portal and electronic one-stop information system of Hai Duong province provide 1,956 sets of administrative procedures, of which level 4 online public service is 613, reaching 31.3%; online public service level 3 is 1199, reaching 61.3%; the number of people’s records is more than 700,000 students/1 year. The system has synchronously connected with the national public service portal, the national payment platform (Payment Platform), synchronously connected with the LGSP axis of the province to connect with the systems of the ministries and branches serving the services. data sharing in a uniform way.

Smart Hai Duong application integrates, providing a full range of services to Hai Duong people on a single application. About 150,000 people have installed Smart Hai Duong… The DC, IOC, and SOC centers have also been put into operation as a foundation for digital transformation, perfecting the province’s data sharing and integration platform.

VNPT’s digital solution product ecosystem has also been put into operation in the province’s industries/fields: Basic medical examination and treatment management software for 114 commune health stations in 5 districts/ City; deploying more than 100,000 electronic contact books to more than 100 schools; Online learning software VNPT Elearning supports schools during Covid-19 outbreaks; supporting nearly 3,000 businesses to use online social insurance declaration software connected to the portal of Vietnam Social Security…

VNPT CA digital signature service, VNPT Check, Online accommodation management, Electronic invoice service, SMS Brandname, Website service, Domain has also been strongly developed in the province.

Digital transformation, increasing new experiences for people

In the next phase, Hai Duong province will focus on prioritizing digital transformation in a number of industries and fields that provide new utilities and experiences for people, businesses and society such as: healthcare, education education, finance – banking, agriculture, transportation and logistics, natural resources and environment, tourism…

Mr. Ngo Dien Hy, Deputy General Director of VNPT Group said that VNPT will coordinate and support Hai Duong in surveying and consulting projects and master plans on digital transformation and smart city development; building digital infrastructure, shared platforms, ensuring information safety and security; cooperation in training and development of IT and telecommunications human resources…

“We will also cooperate in implementing and integrating digital transformation solutions for the Hai Duong province government, in order to accelerate the process of improving the operation of the state administrative apparatus, improving the quality of service to the people. , enterprise. In addition, we will support the province to form an overall digital government ecosystem with key solutions such as: Smart Operations Center (VNPT IOC), Smart Data Warehouse and Reports, Smart Reporting System AI security and traffic camera (VNPT AI Camera), Multi-channel petition processing and interaction system (VNPT 1022); electronic one-stop shop (VNPT iGate)….”, Mr. Hy shared.

Regarding the development of the digital economy, VNPT will advise, cooperate, support technology transfer and implement digital transformation for businesses to improve the competitiveness of the province’s businesses; supporting the implementation of non-cash payment solutions, developing e-commerce, e-invoices… towards comprehensive development of the digital economy. Prioritize promoting products suitable to the agricultural production strengths of Hai Duong province such as: Agricultural products floor, Agricultural product value chain system (VNPT vFarm), Traceability system (VNPT Check), Solution OCOP management method – “one commune, one ward”…

VNPT stands with Hai Duong to take the lead in digital transformation

In cooperation to develop digital society, VNPT will coordinate and support Hai Duong province in organizing training, fostering and improving people’s digital skills; popularize digital utilities to people such as: VNPT Digilife digital ecosystem, VNPT Money application…

According to the content of cooperation for the period of 2022-2027, which has just been signed by Hai Duong Provincial People’s Committee and VNPT Group on March 26, on the basis of inheritance and in accordance with the tasks and projects that have been implemented and in accordance with On the e-Government Architecture of Hai Duong province, VNPT Group will consult with the province to build and deploy synchronous and intelligent ecosystem solutions in priority areas such as healthcare, education, tourism, etc. labor – invalids – society, agriculture and environmental resources.

For Hai Duong, digital transformation is a process of total and comprehensive change in ways of living, working and production methods based on digital technology. With a comprehensive, fast, positive and synchronous digital transformation, Hai Duong province expects to achieve achievements, bringing the best benefits to the people and the locality.

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