VNPT offers a series of attractive promotions for the Home bet package

From now until January 15, 2022, VNPT will continue to implement the Christmas – New Year 2022 program “Safe Home, Full of Gifts” with thousands of attractive incentives. In which, the special prize is a smart home solution kit worth 45 million VND.

Connecting friendships, enhancing the experience

At the end of the year, the time when it is necessary to shop and refurbish the house to see off the old year and welcome the new year, Do Van Thinh and his wife as well as many other families have to weigh up and down a lot before the decision. spending determination.

“Last year, due to difficulties due to the epidemic, work and unstable income, finances were also limited, only daring to decide what is really necessary. Thinking that their children have to study online, can’t go to school, just stay at home, so the husband and wife have agreed to upgrade the Internet package to VNPT’s integrated Home package to facilitate their children’s learning and entertainment. “, Thinh said.

According to Mr. Thinh, from the day he upgraded the Internet package to the integrated Home package, his family has spent more time together and shared more. Every evening, after a meal, husband and wife and children have the opportunity to sit together and watch their favorite TV shows.

“In the past, children didn’t like to sit with their parents, criticized their parents’ programs as boring, and parents didn’t understand what programs their children liked. Now there is Galaxy on MyTV, up to 4000 hours of movies, all the movies that the whole family loves, can watch together, debate together, etc. When I work from home or my children study online, the transmission speed is also higher and smoother. In fact, it’s only now that I see that the previous delay in upgrading the digital content package has caused me and my family to miss out on a lot of things,” Thinh added.

With the same thought as Mr. Thinh, many families, after “resolving their resolve”, registering to use the Home package or switching from a single VNPT/MyTV Internet package to using VNPT’s integrated Home package, all acknowledged the decision. My decision is right when the things received are even greater than expected. These are diverse, smart and safe digital experiences, just sitting in the house but still being able to access “the whole world”, optimizing the connectivity and entertainment needs of all members. in the family.

“Safe home, full of gifts”

In order to show gratitude and give customers the opportunity to experience the top “hot” digital content, from now until January 15, 2022, VNPT is still continuing to launch a promotion program on the occasion of Christmas – New Year. new 2022 “Safe home, overflowing gifts” with thousands of attractive incentives, total prize value up to 3 billion VND, including 10 Special Prizes “Smart home solution kit”, each prize is worth 45 million VND (including 01 TV, 01 refrigerator, 01 cleaning robot, 02 sets of Wifi Mesh – Wifi signal amplifier) ​​and thousands of other valuable gifts.

Accordingly, customers who register to use the Home package or switch from a single VNPT/MyTV Internet package to using VNPT’s integrated Home package will have the opportunity to experience 90 days of free use of one of the packages. The most exclusive content available on MyTV Television. That is the HBO GO package, the MyTV Advanced package combo with K+ channels, the MyTV Standard package combo with the premium Galaxy Play. The total number of gifts of the program is up to 100,000, so the opportunity to become a lucky customer is still very open to everyone.

VNPT offers a series of attractive promotions for the Home bet package

“We hope that, with the promotion program “Safe Home, Full of Gifts” will bring interesting and useful experiences and a warm and safe Christmas and New Year to all of our customers. me. VNPT not only provides service packages, we want to bring people more rich and practical digital opportunities, especially in the current pandemic and difficult economic context. VNPT representative said.

According to the representative of VNPT, to meet the increasing needs of customers, especially during the upcoming holidays and Tet, this unit will continuously upgrade the transmission line, Internet speed, increase channels and content. television to optimize the experience, help its customers easily “connect” and celebrate Tet together.

Thousands of attractive gifts are still waiting for the “owner”

To register for VNPT’s Home packages and receive incentives, customers can go to the nearest VNPT stores or contact the hotline 18001166.

Customers can also register at the network’s online channels such as website,, My VNPT application.

Information about the promotion program “Safe Home, overflowing gifts” and the list of winners will be updated on the website

The program continues from now until the end of January 15, 2022.

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