VNPT completes ‘dual goals’ with many imprints in 2021

With the spirit of “turning challenges into action”, in 2021, VNPT Group has overcome many challenges and continues to demonstrate its role as a key economic group with the task of leading in the transformation process. change country number.

Revenue and profit exceeded the plan

According to VNPT’s business results report for 2021, the group has achieved VND 56,605 billion in revenue, equaling 103.4% of the plan, of which the parent company’s revenue reached VND 45,842 billion, equaling 101.5% of the plan.

The group’s profit reached VND 7,103 billion, of which the parent company’s profit reached VND 5,371 billion, equaling 100.3% of the plan. Payment to the State budget reached VND 5,408 billion, equaling 102% of the plan. The ratio of pre-tax profit on equity of the Corporation reached 10%. Ensuring 100% of jobs and a stable and decent income for employees in the common ground of state corporations and corporations.

Won many prestigious awards, raising VNPT brand name

In 2021, VNPT will continue to maintain and develop the VNPT brand. According to the December announcement of Brand Finance, VNPT brand ranked 2nd in the top 50 enterprises with the largest brand value. A series of VNPT’s products and solutions were also honored by prestigious domestic and international evaluation organizations with 36 awards from prestigious international organizations, an increase of 5 awards compared to 2020, including 12 awards. Stevie Awards Asia – Pacific; 03 Stevie Awards International Business Awards; 10 IT Worlds Awards; 03 Cyber ​​Security Awards; 01 Stevie Awards For Great Employer and Business Excellence Awards.

VNPT is an enterprise that has won the Gold Award at the Make in Vietnam Awards 2021 for 2 consecutive years. Previously, VNPT has also won many major domestic awards such as: Top 10 Vietnamese Strong Brands 2020-2021; Ranked 19th out of 500 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam in 2021 and 2nd place in 20 telecommunications and IT enterprises; Ranked 2nd in the list of the most prestigious technology companies in Vietnam according to the assessment of Vietnam Report Organization; in the Top 100 Best Places to Work in Vietnam in 2021, Top 50 Vietnamese Enterprises with Attractive Employer Brands in 2021.

Accompanying the Government, making efforts for the community

With the determination to go hand in hand with the Government in implementing the epidemic prevention and economic development goals, VNPT has applied its entire ecosystem, together with the Government and the business community to drastically fight against Covid-19.

With strengths in digital infrastructure and digital ecosystem, VNPT has proactively and promptly responded to the requirements of the Government and the Ministry of Information and Communications in ensuring a smooth information network, meeting the connection requirements for the administration and direction of epidemic prevention and control from the central to the villages, mobile coverage under the program “Waves and computers for children”, ensuring international Internet connection and quality. network for online teaching/learning, deploying infrastructure for monitoring with the number of more than 9,300 cameras at Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control points.

VNPT also implemented a number of programs to support people and customers during difficult times due to the impact of the pandemic, participating in large social security programs, donating 400 billion VND to the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund. 19, supporting 37,000 tablets in the program “Waves and computers for children”… The total value of VNPT’s contribution/support as of the end of November is 3,040 billion VND.

Strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation and international business investment

In 2021, VNPT has signed many cooperation agreements with large corporations such as Nokia (Finland), Thales (France), Babylon (UK). These agreements make an important contribution to VNPT’s strategy of developing digital infrastructure and digital products. In the field of multilateral cooperation, VNPT continues to deeply participate in international organizations including the World Telecommunication Union (ITU), Asia-Pacific Telecommunications Organization (APT), GSMA, TMForum …

In 2021, VNPT also became an official member of new international organizations including the Open Radio Alliance (O-RAN Alliance) and the Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC). International cooperation activities continue to play an important role and effectively contribute to the strategy of turning VNPT into a technology corporation, performing a pioneering role in implementing national digital transformation.

Continuing to affirm its leading role in national digital transformation

In 2021, VNPT continues to be highly appreciated by the Government and ministries for its role in building “Make in Vietnam” products and platforms.

In March, the national population database system – one of the six most important and fundamental database systems for building an e-Government towards a digital government, digital economy and digital society in Vietnam was announced. was opened. From July 1, the national population database system was put into operation, marking an important milestone in completing the national database to serve the government’s administration.

To implement the project, VNPT has mobilized many intellectual resources, created good solutions, and provided a package solution in the form of an overall digital transformation project from infrastructure to applications. VNPT increasingly asserts its pioneering position in the national digital transformation journey.

VNPT completes 'dual goals' with many imprints in 2021

Since August, VNPT has developed and launched the oneSME Digital Transformation platform to help customers conveniently select and purchase products and services; At the same time, research, develop and launch a diverse ecosystem of products and services to serve businesses in the new normal context to help businesses digitize all transactions with state management agencies, transactions with partners. /customers in the digital environment and digital transformation of business administration activities such as: Remote digital signing service (VNPT SmartCA), electronic contract service (VNPT eContract), comprehensive business administration service (VNPT eContract) VNPT onBusiness).

In November, VNPT announced the pilot provision of Mobile Money service across the country and brought a new type of cashless payment to people. Currently, VNPT is an intermediary for payment by Mobile Money on the National Public Service Portal.

VNPT Group has step by step placed a firm foothold on the digital transformation journey, demonstrating its leading role in national digital transformation. That is a solid basis for VNPT to continue implementing strategic tasks, leading the group to develop in line with its vision to become a leading digital service provider in Vietnam and a digital transaction center in Asia. .

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