VNPT Cloud – cloud computing service for digital transformation

With methodical investment and long-term experience in implementing digital transformation in Vietnam, VNPT Cloud provides comprehensive cloud computing services, serving production, trade, and catch-up activities. digitization process.

Essential needs of the digital age

On June 3, 2020, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 749/QD-TTg approving the “National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with orientation to 2030”. In particular, the Prime Minister paid special attention to ministries, branches and localities performing tasks related to building and developing technology and infrastructure for cloud computing as well as services including: government; consider this a fundamental and key factor in promoting the digital transformation process in Vietnam.

Using cloud computing technology brings economic benefits, efficiency and better security than traditional physical server infrastructure. Especially, in the era when digital transformation, data storage and management, and deployment of cloud-based applications are also becoming urgent needs of organizations and businesses. Cloud computing helps save costs on machinery and infrastructure, and uses information more efficiently to serve business and production activities.

Mr. Nguyen Van Huyen – owner of a small and medium-sized business in Hanoi shared: “Instead of storing information on servers using the internal network, it can only be accessed while inside the company; Cloud storage helps our business to access data anytime, anywhere, on any device while ensuring safety. In the past, we were always on guard, afraid of security, afraid of broken machines, afraid of maintenance costs… all of these things are now quickly solved through cloud services.”

According to predictions, the market of cloud computing services (Cloud) in Vietnam can reach a size of more than 53.2 trillion VND (equivalent to 2.3 billion USD) by 2025. This figure shows Digital transformation and cloud computing are opening up great opportunities for the economy in general and the development of individuals, organizations and businesses in particular. However, this is also a challenge for every business or organization when it is forced to choose the right service from a reputable, capable and possessing leading technology provider.

VNPT Cloud fully meets the needs of businesses

As a service of providing virtual servers on the Internet environment based on cloud computing technology (Cloud Computing), VNPT Cloud through the mechanism of connecting many physical servers to create a service allocation resource area. services, helping users set up computing infrastructure that ranges from a single virtualized server to large-scale systems. With more than 1,000 physical servers operating continuously to provide services, and a team of experienced experts, VNPT Cloud is applied by customers who are agencies, ministries, industries, domestic and foreign enterprises. over the years.

Possessing the advantage of rich experience in the field of digital transformation, as one of the first Cloud service providers in Vietnam, VNPT continuously researches, develops and cooperates with famous technology corporations. around the world to bring quality digital products to all customers. Among them, services can be mentioned such as: CloudVNN virtual server in cooperation with Cisco on VMware virtualization platform; SmartCloud service is researched and developed by VNPT’s experts on the OpenStack open source platform; storage services, data backup, new generation security fraud helps customers’ systems to ensure stable, continuous and safe operation… Currently, VNPT Cloud owns owns a diverse and flexible product “ecosystem” to suit all needs of customers.

In addition, VNPT Cloud packages are designed according to resources and time of use, flexible scalability, helping to save costs optimally for customers. Along with that is a friendly and easy online administration interface, 24/7 technical support… According to VNPT’s representative, investment to increase customer experience and benefits is one of the top priorities. of this service provider.

VNPT representative said: “We are confident about the quality of each of our services. With VNPT Cloud, it’s convenience, safety, savings and efficiency.”

Safety and security – VNPT’s top concern

High security is the strength of VNPT’s services, including VNPT Cloud. Recently, this unit has just received 4 major awards at the international security competition Cyber ​​Security Global Excellen Awards. This is a prestigious and long-standing contest with the participation of leading experts and businesses from technology powers such as the US, China, India, Canada, Russia… recognition for the achievements and efforts of this unit in improving service quality, keeping pace with the speed of global digitization.

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