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The special page “F0 Care” was launched on January 13 with the desire to become a useful portal for Covid-19 patients during treatment and isolation at home.

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The 4th wave of Covid-19 in Vietnam is complicated, experts say: “Anyone can be F0”. Currently, Hanoi is the leading locality in the country in the number of new infections. On December 3, the City People’s Committee published guidelines on isolating, managing, examining and treating F0 at home to reduce the load on upper-level medical staff so that hospitals can focus on treating people with moderate-severe symptoms. and critical. Up to now, isolation, treatment and care of F0 at home is a strategic pillar to help Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and many localities across the country effectively control the epidemic when the Delta and Omicron strains spread rapidly.

In this context, readers need a place with abundant information, at the same time can learn and share experiences from people who have been infected, so, F0 . Care was born to help Covid-19 patients gain more knowledge and skills to take care of themselves at home. Here, F0, F1 can learn how to detect disease conditions, self-test at home, self-medicate with drugs and nutrition combined with exercise… The site’s information is moderated by a team of experts. reputation practice.

Specialized interface F0 . Care.

The site includes the following sections:

Symptoms and Test help readers self-diagnose the disease through the initial symptoms and signs of severe disease, how to self-test for Covid-19 at home.

Self care equip the F0 with knowledge about the conditions to be isolated at home, medical declaration, nutrition and exercise regimen, psychological preparation, and disease monitoring at home.

Medicine cabinet at home provide essential vitamins and minerals for Covid-19 patients, information on drug packages, medical equipment and detailed usage.

Nutrition will assess the patient’s condition to guide nutritional supplements, offer ways to strengthen resistance, provide specific advice on nutrition for normal F0, F0 with underlying disease, F0 children, F0 children I have underlying disease and F0 after treatment.

After treatment specifies the sequelae patients may have after Covid-19 treatment, offers a method of recovering health for both people with sequelae and without sequelae.

Consulting doctor is a place where a team of experienced doctors and nurses help answer questions for F0 and readers in general.

Insurrance provide information on policies to support people affected by Covid-19, life insurance packages for Covid-19 patients, how to apply for sick leave to enjoy social insurance, how to declare insurance and pay medical examination and treatment fees for F0.

Forum, which developed into the largest F0 community in Vietnam. Here, patients or F0 family members can share their home treatment journey, nutrition, exercise, sterilization process, care skills, medical equipment… Practical experiences This is very valuable for people in the early stages of Covid-19. Refer and share here.

The editorial board looks forward to the page F0 . Care will become one of the most effective online consultation portal for F0 patients in Vietnam. In addition to providing information, the site also becomes the first online supermarket in Vietnam, exclusively for F0 customers with essential services such as drug packs, kit tes, virtual gym…

Up to now, Vietnam has recorded 32 cases of Omicron infection, all isolated right after entry, every day the country records tens of thousands of new infections. With home treatment, patients have better conditions to eat, stay, sleep, exercise at the concentration area or hospital. From there, they will have increased resistance and improved physical strength, faster recovery.

Along with that, when treating at home, F0 will be entertained by audio-visual media, can still work online at home; Being close to family members, not feeling lonely, so the spirit will be comfortable, reducing stress. Patients will also not be obsessed, stressed when not having to contact, witnessing severe F0 cases when being treated at hospitals and centralized treatment facilities.

In addition, when the amount of F0 treated at the hospital decreases, it will reduce a huge economic resource for society. The fact that F0 treatment at home also reduces the risk of cross-infection compared to centralized treatment.

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