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Vladimir Putin threatens his own people, says will ‘finish’ the traitors

A fierce war is going on between Russia and Ukraine for 22 days. The Russian army is continuously bombing Ukraine and missile attacks. Many Ukrainian cities have been ruined by Russian attacks. The Ukrainian army is also giving a tough fight. Russia’s decision to attack is being criticized all over the world and even in the country, voices have started rising against this decision. This has angered Russian President Vladimir Putin and has threatened to “finish” the people of his own country. Putin has clearly said that if anyone stands against his decision, he will be eliminated.

Vladimir Putin said that those who try to work for America and its allies, such traitors will be ‘cleaned’ from Russia. Putin said that the Russian people are able to recognize patriots and traitors. He issued a stern warning to domestic critics and accused Western countries of destroying Russia. Recently, a TV editor went to the studio of the live TV show and waved the poster of ‘No War’ and criticized the Russian agenda. Apart from them, all the Russian people are protesting in their own way.

“I believe that the natural and necessary self-purification of society will strengthen our country, our solidarity and our readiness to face any challenge,” the Russian president said. Earlier, Putin has once again said that he will live to achieve his goal in Ukraine. He accused Western countries of trying to make Russia weak and dependent. Putin for the first time believed that the sanctions imposed by all the countries of the world would increase inflation and unemployment in Russia.

In a government meeting broadcast on national television, Putin said Western countries wanted to make Russia a “weakly dependent country”. They want to violate the territorial integrity of Russia and isolate their friendly country around the world. Putin said that the sanctions imposed by Western countries will increase inflation and unemployment in the country. To deal with this, there is a need to change the economy.

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