Vladimir Cosma: “Film music should not be decorative”

The scores are never far away from the composer. Frederic Stucin

INTERVIEW – All French people know the musical themes he signed for the films of Gérard Oury, Yves Robert, Francis Veber or Claude Pinoteau. Certainty: cinema would not be the same without the scores of this brilliant composer of Romanian origin who has just published his Memoirs.

What is the common point between The Tall Blond with a Black Shoe, An Elephant That’s Deceiving a Lot, The Toy, The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob, The Wing or the Thigh, The Goat, The Boom Where Dinner fools? All these films benefited from music by Vladimir Cosma. This Romanian who left Bucharest at the beginning of the 1960s to settle in Paris has aligned successes by illuminating feature films by Francis Veber, Yves Robert, Gérard Oury, Claude Zidi, Claude Pinoteau, Pascal Thomas and many others. .

The themes he composed – those of Tall Blonde, of ‘Wing or Thigh, Yiddish dance in Rabbi Jaob or the song of The party – are engraved forever in the memory of the French. This great violinist – he accompanied Wilhelm Kempff in person – and jazz lover finally publishes his Memoirs, subtly baptized From Dream to Reality * He receives us at his home, in Paris, to discuss this extraordinary career in all humility.

After working for Michel Legrand…

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