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Vivek Murthy of Indian origin who became Surgeon General of Biden

India is feeling proud of American Doctor Vivek Murthy as Indian-American Doctor Vivek Murthy has been appointed as Surgeon General of President Joe Biden. The US Senate has approved his appointment by a margin of 57–43 votes. After which there has been a wave of happiness in America and India. At the same time, according to the US administration, Dr. Vivek Murthy is considered one of the top public health officials in the fight against the corona virus. Even before this, Dr. Vivek Murthy has been appointed as Surgeon General under the Obama administration, but he was shown the way out when Trump came to government.

Obama Administration Of During Dr Discretion Of The appointment

Dr. Vivek Murthy took over as Surgeon General under the Obama administration in 2014 but was removed from the post of Surgeon General by former President Trump in 2017 but now once again elected as his Surgeon General But Dr. Vivek has expressed his gratitude.

Dr Discretion has did Tweet

Dr. Vivek tweeted out the joy of being elected his Surgeon General. In the tweet, he wrote ‘I am eager to work with you to help make our country better and create a future for our children’. Also said that I am deeply grateful to serve once again and be elected to this post. At the same time, the United States has faced great difficulties due to the corona virus last year.

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