Virtual horse pet by Blockchain technology

Oly Sport’s virtual horses have their own bloodline, with specific genes, and are cared for and raised in a virtual environment just like in the real world.

If you are a fan of the “cryptocurrency” world, you will not be unfamiliar with CryptoKitties. This is a virtual cat game developed by a Canadian company since 2017.

To participate in this game, each player must own a virtual cat. Thanks to blockchain technology, each person’s virtual cat is unique and has a publicly available profile. Players can also make money breeding and selling their virtual cats.

Although the idea of ​​raising virtual cats was not initially accepted by many people, CryptoKitties later became the game that started the virtual pet craze on the internet.

The trend of raising virtual pets based on blockchain technology is blooming recently. Photo: Trong Dat

Along with the development of technology as well as the community of “cryptocurrency” investors, not only virtual cats but also virtual pig raising and virtual dog games were born.

Recently, the blockchain gaming community also witnessed virtual horses that can also be raised on the network. They are the product of Oly Sport – a startup also from Canada similar to CryptoKitties’ Axiom Zen.

In this manufacturer’s blockchain game, each virtual horse is authenticated and exists as an NFT (Non-fungible token – non-fungible token). They have their own bloodline with genomes generated by complex algorithms. As a result, each horse in the game of Oly Sport is a unique product that cannot be copied or matched.

Just like in real life, gamers will have to take care of virtual horses by raising and upgrading stables. “For your NFT horse to work well, you have to give it time, you have to feed it,” Jimmy Chan – founder of Oly Sport game shared on Sportico.

In the virtual world, players also have to take care of horses, feed and mate just like in real life.

In this game, gamers can also breed horses by combining the genes of 2 horses father and mother to give birth to a virtual pony. To increase the attractiveness of the game, the developer also organizes horse racing tournaments so that their gamers can compete, see whose virtual horse is the fastest.

Not only stopping here, Oly Sport also intends to sell land plots in its virtual world. By owning the land, the player can control a separate food supply for the virtual horse.

A virtual plot of land in the Axie Infinity game was recently successfully sold for $2.5 million. Therefore, selling plots of land or virtual cats and virtual horses is no longer a strange thing in the “cryptocurrency” market.

With the emergence of more and more new products and services, it is possible to see a new economic industry, the virtual economy industry is increasingly clearly present on the blockchain technology platform. This may be the mainstream of the future when coming here, everything that exists outside of the real world can be brought to the metaverse virtual universe.

Trong Dat

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